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The pandemic is slowly beginning to disappear from our lives and soon things will get back to normal. This means Americans will be going out to patronize their favorite brunch franchise chains and discover new ones. 

All of which makes this the perfect time to invest in one of the country’s most unique and profitable brunch franchise opportunities, Toastique. 

Brunch is an inherently American thing and for more than a year, people couldn’t venture out and enjoy it at their favorite spots. Now they’re beginning to get out in droves and feed that appetite. 

If you’re an entrepreneur, this is the right time to get into the brunch franchise business.

But you might wonder why you should take up a brunch franchise with Toastique. After all, wouldn’t it be easy to open a brunch spot on your own? Isn’t that the spirit of entrepreneurship all about, building something from scratch?

Sadly, the thrill of entrepreneurship turns into a series of challenges if you decide to start a brunch restaurant on your own. All these problems will cost you both time and money and turn your dream into an expensive nightmare. 

The industry is filled with entrepreneurs who went the solo way, only to regret the decision within just months.

Let’s get into the details of actually running a business. If you’re an entrepreneur or a food enthusiast or a chef who’s planning to get into the brunch industry, here’s a side-by-side analysis of going on your own and being a brunch franchise of Toastique.

Starting your own brunch spot vs. owning a Toastique brunch franchise 



Everything else is secondary to the financial success of your business. So, let’s start with the number one reason that makes Toastique a smarter choice for entrepreneurs.

As an independent entrepreneur

It’s unpredictable: Even with the best of intentions, talent, staff, location, sourcing, customer service, and marketing, you may not be able to predict what your revenue would be.

Remember that even the best of restaurants have gone out of business within the first 12 months of their launch. That’s because all it needs is a minor problem with any one of these factors to jeopardize the entire operation.

External disruptors: Even if you get everything right, there could still be problems because another restaurant with similar dishes, service, or ambiance may come up in the vicinity.

You won’t have any control over that. So, suddenly, what felt like a predictable and smooth operation will run into severe obstacles.

Limited revenue streams: As a new restaurant, you wouldn’t have multiple opportunities to create income. You’d need to establish a name for your restaurant until other possibilities open up. That’s not guaranteed and could take a long time.

As a Toastique Franchise Owner

Exceptionally high returns: Unlike other brunch franchises of predictable fast-food or fast-casual chains, Toastique has a proven track record of excellent revenue. But what’s the number we’re talking about?

The first-ever location made annual sales of over $1 million* in its first year with absolutely no investment in marketing. Can you beat that as a solo entrepreneur? 

Stable revenue: Since it’s a renowned name with substantial brand awareness, your growth will be immune to restaurants launching in your vicinity. Plus, there’ll be no Toastique franchise in that region.

Multiple revenue streams: As a Franchise Owner of Toastique, you won’t be limited to any one source of income. You’d be able to offer dine-in, take-out, and delivery from day one. On top of these, you’ll be able to offer catering services to increase your revenue. 

Toastique breakfast franchise


This is one of the first decisions you’ll have to make because a good location won’t stay in the market for long. Plus, the longer you wait, the more expensive it may get. So, let’s first analyze what it would really be like when you’ve to find a location.

As an independent entrepreneur

You may not know how much space you’d need: That’s because you may not have decided whether it’d be a dine-in establishment or one that’s mostly take-out and delivery. If it’s a dine-in restaurant, you’d want to be in a location that’s accessible. 

You may settle for the wrong size: If you don’t have clarity on the size of your restaurant, you might choose either a bigger one or a smaller place. This will create problems for you later. Even if you’d want to change the location, you could be locked in for a lease period.

You waste time: You’d also end up wasting precious time when you don’t know the size of the restaurant or its seating capacity. Any delay in the launch will also cost you money.

As a Toastique Franchise Owner

You’d have a better idea about the size: Toastique has an established fast-casual format. This will help you predict the seating capacity you’d need. You can also learn from the examples of other Franchise Owners to make an informed guess.

You can start sooner: Once you know how much space you’d need, you can give your realtor precise requirements. That’ll help you find a spot faster and start your operations sooner. This would save you both money and time. We can give you what you need to open your Toastique brunch franchise quickly and start making money!


As a new player in the restaurant business, your primary aim should be to start your services as early as possible and cut down on your expenses. But it won’t be easy for those getting into the industry.

As an independent entrepreneur 

Unavoidable delays: After finding the space, you’ll have to get the right ambiance and decor which could cost a lot. Of course, then there’s the construction or remodeling which will involve both time and expenses.

After that, you’ll have to find the staff who’d be able to take care of your menu.

As a Toastique Franchise Owner

Quick turnaround: Toastique is renowned for its minimal, efficient, and compact design. This makes it easy for Franchise Owners to set up their restaurant and start doing business.

As an example, all it took was 40 days each to build our first three locations. The construction isn’t just quick but affordable too. And since it’s a nationally recognized name, it’d be easier to find employees to work for you.


People choose a restaurant primarily for its menu. Although ambiance and decor play a part in the overall experience, it’s what you offer that’ll make it special.

Importantly, it’d be extremely difficult to change your menu after your launch. So, you’ve got to get it right the first time. 

As an independent entrepreneur

It’s difficult to choose the right menu: Most restaurant entrepreneurs believe that this is a straightforward choice. After all, you might like a certain kind of dish and could be proficient at it.

The problem is that there could be other such restaurants in the vicinity. They may be established names with dedicated patrons.

As a Toastique Franchise Owner

Tasty, unique, and proven menu: Toastique has reimagined the traditional breakfast toast to make it a wholesome, and tasty meal. Along with that, there are acai bowls, cold-pressed juices, and natural smoothies.

Health-conscious: If there’s one common trend in the restaurant sector, it’s the move towards healthier alternatives. Consumers are increasingly preferring food that’s not just tasty but healthier for them. That’s precisely what Toastique’s known for. 

Universally appealing: Toastique’s menu isn’t restricted to dishes from a certain region. This opens up your Franchise to customers with varying tastes. And let’s not forget, almost everyone loves a good toast!


You may have got the perfect location, a mouth-watering menu, reliable vendors, and the right staff to help you out. But that’s only the beginning of your journey as a restaurant entrepreneur. 

You’ve got to market your restaurant consistently, and in a unique manner to get people interested. 

As an independent entrepreneur

It requires investment: A lot of it, actually. To begin with, you’d need to think of a name that sets you apart. Then, get all your collateral printed. Next, it’s time to get it out.

You’ll have to either hire an advertising or digital marketing agency to take care of your marketing. That’ll involve regular investments in retainer fees and paid ads. 

It takes time: Even with all the investment, things take their time in marketing. It’d take weeks or months for your social media campaign to find followers. If you put up billboards, you may have to keep them up for several weeks to raise brand awareness. 

It requires coordination: Marketing seems fun from the outside while it’s a tedious set of chores from the inside. You’ll have to either hire someone in your team or directly take control of it.

If you do it alone, that’d mean several meetings with vendors and your external marketing partners. All these take your time and focus away from crucial tasks at hand.

As a Toastique Franchise Owner

All taken care of: This is one of the biggest advantages of being a Franchise Owner of Toastique. With its chic, rustic, boutique feel, the brand has already made waves in both the offline and digital worlds. Toastique has more than 5K followers on Instagram alone.

With a well-oiled digital marketing team, the Franchise Owner doesn’t have to worry about marketing spends or dedicated resources. You can start your operations from day one as the brand is already known and admired.

The exquisite meals and gorgeous bowls usually end up as user-generated content. That’s free marketing for you from customers you would’ve never met. Which will encourage people in your vicinity to check out the restaurant.

The fact that the digital marketing strategy has worked for other Franchise Owners means that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Plus, when marketing’s taken care of, you can focus on other important tasks.

A brunch franchise opportunity like no other

Gourmet toast is a growing category with no nationally recognized name other than Toastique. As a Franchise Owner, you’ll be riding this wave of healthy, and tasty, toast-based delicacies. 

With a proven business model, quick turnaround time, and multiple revenue streams, it’s one of the safest investments that you’ll ever make as an entrepreneur. For a healthier, richer, and importantly, growth-oriented future, join us as a Franchise Owner. 

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*Numbers obtained from our 2020 FDD

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