How a passion for healthy living turned into a fast-growing breakfast franchise

And how you can get in on the craze.

The Toastique Gourmet Toast & Juice Bar Timeline

An Idea Grows

Brianna Keefe’s passion for creating healthy snacks to sustain her through rigorous athletic training as a
collegiate D1 athlete inspires her to open a wellness-focused gourmet café featuring all-natural smoothies, juices, and uniquely customizable gourmet toast
creations piled high with nutritious ingredients.

Toastique Is Born

With the help of partner and commercial construction expert Kyle Izett, Brianna opens the first Toastique Breakfast Café in Washington, D.C.’s Wharf District. The entire buildout takes just 40 days from start to finish!

Success = Growth

The flagship Toastique Gourmet Toast & Juice Bar generates over $1 million in sales during its first year- with ZERO dollars spent on marketing. Buoyed by this massive success, Brianna and Kyle open a second toast and juice bar location in Alexandria, VA.

Franchising Begins!
35 Franchised Locations Awarded

Awarded over 150 locations, added 13 new states, and over 60 Owners in the system!

Continuing National Development!

listen to founder brianna keefe’s story

From 1 store to 66 breakfast restaurant franchises and a Forbes 30 under 30 award, all in 3 years. Learn more about Brianna and the incredible Toastique Gourmet Toast & Juice Bar Franchise story in this video.

Toastique Breakfast Franchise’s Approach to Healthy, Delicious Food

Customizable Gourmet Toast

Next-level toast variations prepared in-house from fresh, organic ingredients give customers the nutrients their bodies need without compromising on delicious taste and beautiful presentation.

All-Natural, Cold-Pressed Juices, Smoothies, and Smoothie Bowls

Classic and creative fruit and veggie blends to satisfy your customers’ sweet tooth the natural way! Perfect for a refreshing post-workout treat or a healthy snack between meals from our smoothie, juice, and acai bowl franchise.

Fresh, Hot, and Delicious Coffee

Further setting Toastique breakfast franchise apart from the competition is our inclusion of hot drip and nitro cold brew coffees in the café, perfect for the early-morning crowd looking for a pick-me-up to accompany their morning bite.

what sets this healthy franchise apart for customers?

(Actually) Healthy

From our signature Avocado Smash to our truly unique Blue Majik smoothie, everything at Toastique health food franchise is prepared with all-natural ingredients made fresh in-house or locally sourced. Nothing comes out of a package here!

Customer Experience Focused

We want our guests to love their gourmet toast and juice bar experience so much that they not only come back again and again but also tell their friends!


Innovative offerings like our Black Majik bowls practically beg guests to post their gorgeous meals on social media… leading to some pretty nice free advertising for us!

Universally Appealing

Our healthy, gourmet toast and juice bar menu offers something for everyone, elevating us to true “meal destination” status and setting us apart from a typical juice or smoothie franchise.

meet your new support team

Brianna Keefe

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Toastique’s Founder, Brianna Keefe, brings the same passion and drive that led her to be a successful college athlete to everything she does with Toastique. Her education and experience, paired with her devotion to the franchise brand, are incredible assets to Franchise Owners.

Kyle Izett

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer

Kyle assists new Franchise Owners with site selection, permits, contractor and subcontractor selection, construction and inspection, to make sure all Toastique breakfast franchise locations are built to perfection.

Nicole Valentin

Director of Strategy & Development

Nicole oversees Toastique’s branding identity and ensures corporate branding standards are maintained from pre-construction through store operations. Nicole works with the Marketing and IT Managers to maintain brand consistency across all touchpoints and platforms.

Sean Keefe

Director of Operations & Training

Sean supports all of Toastique’s restaurant franchise operations which include management and training employees, inventory, and overall financial growth. He trains new Franchise Owners with hands-on activities and supports Toastique’s healthy lifestyle mission inside and outside the organization.

Linda Bacci

Executive Chef & Quality Control Manager

Linda is a former Executive Chef that has worked closely with Brianna to develop Toastique’s healthy, delicious, and gorgeous menu. She works with Franchise Owners to create healthy breakfast menu items, keeping the customer experience fresh and new.

Celia Camacho

Social Media & Brand Strategist

Celia is a food and lifestyle photographer who specializes in visual direction, storytelling, and digital marketing for culinary brands. She has over 12 years of experience in advertising and digital marketing.

Blair Lalor

IT Manager

Blair assists all new Franchise Owners with organizing and setting up their POS systems, online ordering, and seamlessly integrating all third party applications. She also manages the Toastique loyalty program and smartphone app.

Kelsey Forman

Corporate Trainer

Kelsey has a background of 5+ years in leadership positions within the food and beverage industry. She supports all new and existing franchisees as they navigate the grand opening and daily operations of each Toastique location.

Crenshaw, AIA

Corporate Architect

Kristina, with 17/27 Design Studio, has been with Toastique since they opened their first location. She works with all Franchise Owners to establish the store layout and interior design so that it meets corporate operational and aesthetic standards. From there, she will coordinate with the Franchise Owner’s local architect and contractor as they progress through the documentation, permitting and construction process.

Hannah Zollweg

Corporate Trainer

Hannah is responsible for supporting all franchisee training and development efforts for Toastique, helping to promote confidence in daily operations, staff training and grand openings. She has 4+ years prior experience in sales and management training as well as training operations within the battery technology and power tool industry.

Tristen Smith

Senior Project Manager

Tristen is responsible for assisting all franchisees prior to opening. This includes keeping track of steps to success, connecting them with vendors, and making sure everything meets Toastique brand standards. Tristen has weekly and bi-weekly calls with each franchisee prior to opening to make sure they are on track with opening and to answer any questions they may have. Tristen has over 2 years of project management experience and 5 years of business development experience. She enjoys helping people and loves watching businesses become successful.

Jolie Richards

Marketing Manager

Jolie is responsible for assisting in developing and implementing marketing strategies to promote Toastique’s brand presence and drive customer engagement across multiple channels. She supports and empowers Franchise Owners with the tools and strategies they need to thrive in their local markets and foster community engagement while staying true to the brand’s core values.

Yvis Manrique

Franchise Success Manager

With 15 years immersed in operations, HR and training facilitation, Yvis is fueled by a passion for advancing people, profit and creating unforgettable guest experiences. Every step of her journey has been a testament to her dedication to aligning training initiatives with operational goals. Join her in the exhilarating pursuit of growth, where passion meets expertise, and success becomes a shared journey.

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