Is There a Breakfast Franchise for
Sale Near Me?

If there’s anything 2020 has taught you, is the importance of diversifying your income. Multiple income streams are crucial to maintaining financial security, now more than ever.

Believe it or not, a restaurant franchise is a fantastic investment option. But only if you do it right.

After all, as a savvy entrepreneur, you’ve probably done some research about it. And have heard about the negative results many restaurant owners have faced with their business.

But what if we told you there is a way to overcome those issues, minimize your risks, and perceive revenue in a shorter time?

The answer is to own a restaurant franchise. And among all the restaurant options out there, your best bet is to look into a breakfast franchise for sale.  

You won’t have to look very far to find a breakfast franchise for sale. After a successful run in Washington D.C, Toastique is now awarding franchises to investors across the United States. 

Toastique is a breakfast/brunch toast and juice bar with three locations in Washington, D.C. Its Founder, Brianna Keefe, started the first Toastique in 2018 to start her journey as an entrepreneur. 

Focused on wholesome food, fresh ingredients, and a simple but flavorful and innovative menu, its goal is to provide healthy food options in a relaxed atmosphere to its customers.

Now, Toastique is opening opportunities for entrepreneurs to open their Toastique franchises and enjoy the same success Brianna found. All are supported by her and her team.

But what are the pros and cons of owning a franchise like Toastique? Let’s find out:

Own a Piece of The $800 Billion Health and Wellness Industry

The health and wellness industry seems to be stronger than ever. Wellness is more present than ever on people’s minds, ranging from better quality foods to corporate wellness programs.

The steady growth in the healthy food market over the last few years demonstrates the predominant place that health and wellness occupy in consumer habits.

Nowadays, consumers will spend more on quality food, new culinary experiences, and familiar flavors with a twist. For example, Americans now spend nearly $900,000 per month on avocado toast. The more sophisticated the market becomes, the more customers appreciate quality and a new concept to try out.

Minimize your risks with a breakfast franchise for sale

Setting up your independent restaurant from scratch is a tremendous risk.

Even if you know the food industry and all the details that come with building a restaurant, there’s still the risk that your concept won’t take off.

A franchise minimizes this risk.

Franchises allow entrepreneurs the opportunity to make money by licensing a system that’s already proven to work.

So while you won’t be developing your concept, you get more certainty and tools to ensure your business’ success.

With an initial investment as low as $238,000, a proven business model, and support from the Founder, Brianna Keefe, and her team, you’re setting your business up for success from the start.

Worried about the effects of the pandemic on the food industry? It’s not surprising, considering lockdowns did impact the restaurant industry. However, as people make their health a priority and look for more nutritious alternatives to fast food, concepts like Toastique are considered ‘recession resilient.’

Low overhead costs

Another advantage franchises like Toastique provide are low overhead costs.

Thanks to the efficient, simple design by CFO & Director of Construction Kyle Izett, as well as a menu that doesn’t require extreme cooking equipment such as ovens, fryers, or hoods, it’s possible to set up a location in a short time.

With such a quick construction time and no need for specialized cooking equipment, you’ll start seeing revenue faster.

How fast? When we opened our first Toastique location, it earned $1,104,698* in its first year in operation. And that’s with absolutely NO paid marketing or advertising. If the first Toastique on Earth accomplished this, imagine what new Franchise Owners can accomplish now that we offer comprehensive marketing support and we’re over 5,000 followers strong on Instagram!

No in-depth knowledge of the food industry required

While it always helps to have some experience in the industry, experience in managing previous businesses and a solid work ethic is more important if you’re investing in a breakfast franchise for sale.

The plus side of owning a franchise is that all the details are already set up and decided for you.

For example, with a Toastique franchise, you’ll get all the guidelines to get it started. Everything’s laid out for you to build up, so there’s no room for guesswork.

Because franchises have seen proven previous success, everything you’re handed out has been tried and tested before.

Maximize Your Earning Potential

With a Toastique franchise, your restaurant can leverage our brand to bring in multiple income streams. You can increase your revenue with delivery services and third-party takeout and even branch out to catering services.

But how much can you expect to make?

Within a year, our first Toastique restaurant generated over $1 million in sales.* And thanks to our sound position within the healthy food industry, you’ll tap into the very profitable $1 TRILLION health and wellness industry.

We had our first three locations up and running in only 40 days and the average estimated ramp-up time is 5 to 12 months. Depending on your specific location and other specifics, the estimated timeframe to break even is approximately 12-16 months after signing your agreement.

Promote healthy lifestyles

If you’re passionate about fresh, wholesome food and the positive effect it has on the body and mind, a breakfast franchise like Toastique is an excellent choice.

You wouldn’t be alone. 32% of Millennials and 41% of Gen Z say they’re happy to pay more for sustainably sourced ingredients. So, you’d be tapping into a developed market with plenty of potential to continue growing.

But beyond the business opportunities a healthy restaurant can bring, with a Toastique franchise, you’ll be offering a new option in healthy food in your community.

Comprehensive support


The major difference between an independent restaurant owner and a Toastique Franchise Owner is that the latter doesn’t have to go at it alone.

When working with a franchise, you can expect to receive hands-on training and support from day one. Expect to train at the company’s headquarters to learn the ins and outs of operations from our dedicated corporate support team.

This eliminates guesswork and sets you up for success. Also, it ensures your customers get to enjoy the same experience in all locations, strengthening the brand.

own a breakfast franchise with Toastique

However, at Toastique we take training one step further by offering training by our Founder herself. Brianna and her team are invested in your success and happy to teach you all the details of the business to ensure you feel confident and ready from day 1.

If you’re concerned about choosing a location, our Construction Manager Kyle Izzet will assist you through the process—from construction and inspection to contracting.

Support doesn’t end after you’ve opened your Toastique franchise. You can still count on our team with our support team 24/7 for anything you might need. Also, you’ll be in touch with our team with bi-monthly calls and annual meetings to stay up to date with the latest developments, events, and promotions.

And that’s not all. With a Toastique breakfast franchise for sale, you gain access to our impressive social media following of 5K followers. There’ll be no need for complicated paid ad campaigns when you already have access to a community of fans excited about the brand and happy to spread the word as unofficial brand ambassadors. That’s how we earned over $1 million during our first year in business!*


Last but not least, as an independent restaurant owner, you’ll have no choice but to be involved in many details of setting up and running the business.

This might not be agreeable to some entrepreneurs who’d prefer a more absentee model where they delegate more on associates.

A breakfast franchise for sale like Toastique allows you to be as involved as you like. This gives you the flexibility to be involved only in the areas of the business you enjoy the most and focus on their growth.

Toastique offers two different ownership options: Owner-Operator and Semi-Absentee.

As an Owner-Operator, you will be involved full time in the business and expected to take part in day-to-day operations—from engaging with customers and preparing food to marketing and budgeting.

A Semi-Absentee Owner is only expected to check in a couple of hours a day to get up to date with daily operations. With this ownership option, you can take on more administrative tasks like recruiting and budgeting. It also gives you the time and freedom to continue scaling into new locations.

Toastique brunch franchise Founder Brianna Keefe

Looking for a breakfast franchise for sale? Take a look at Toastique!

An independent restaurant has some benefits. For example, it allows you to develop a concept from scratch and gives you more creative freedom.

On the negative side, an independent restaurant is a more risky business venture than owning a franchise.

With a franchise, you get to implement a proven model. You get easier access to investors and other financial support. A franchise provides comprehensive support and access to a dedicated community of devoted fans.

A Toastique franchise offers these benefits and more. To find out more about a Toastique breakfast franchise for sale, visit our website.

*Numbers obtained from our 2020 FDD

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