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Our initial financial investment ranges from $373,775-$684,200.

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Our franchise fee is $55,000 for a single location.

We ask that our health food franchisee candidates have at least $200K in liquid capital and a net worth of $500K or higher.

In 2023, our Company Owned and Franchise Outlets had Average Gross Sales of $732,728!* With our top franchise location generating $1,077,243* in Gross Sales after being open for less than a year!

*Refer to 2024 Franchise Disclosure Document Item 19- Average Gross Sales combined Table 8
*Refer to 2024 Franchise Disclosure Document Item 19- Gross Sales Table 7

No restaurant experience is necessary to own a Toastique healthy breakfast franchise! We’re really looking for people with a strong background in leadership and management, with excellent interpersonal skills, drive and determination, and a passion for wellness and healthy eating that equals our own.

Our Franchise Owners will receive hands-on training, field support, marketing support, and ongoing support from the Toastique Founders themselves, as well as our thoughtfully-assembled team of franchise growth and development experts.

While there’s no such thing as a “typical” Toastique breakfast franchise location, we find that a footprint between 1,200-1,800 square feet is ideal, in a densely populated residential area with high foot traffic and in close proximity to hotels, fitness facilities, office buildings, and colleges or universities. Being located in a touristy area is a plus. Outside seating is preferred, to show off our beautifully presented toasts, bowls, and smoothies to passers-by some of the most effective free marketing we have! 

The average estimated ramp-up time is 10-14 months; we’ve managed to complete buildout on all three of our corporate locations in just 40 days each, so expect a quick ramp-up!

While we can’t make any guarantees on your specific breakfast franchise location, the estimated timeframe to break even is approximately 12-16 months after signing your agreement.

We recommend hiring one General Manager, 1-2 Shift Leads, and 5-8 hourly employees for your Toastique gourmet toast restaurant location, and expecting to have 3-5 hourly employees on each shift with your GM and one shift lead. If you choose to do so, you can act as General Manager.

Here are some of the characteristics we would like our ideal Breakfast Franchise Owner to possess:
  • Passionate about health and wellness, with a desire to serve as an ambassador of healthy eating to your community.
  • Strong work ethic, drive, and determination to build a successful healthy restaurant business.
  • Outgoing and friendly, with outstanding communication skills and a commitment to excellent customer service.
  • Strong business management background with experience in the fast-paced hospitality or food-service industry.
  • Fearless pioneer spirit who is excited to be a trailblazer as one of the first official Toastique Health Food Franchise Owners in the country.
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Toastique Gourmet Toast & Juice Bar is a proud partner of Benetrends, the nation’s leading small-business funding organization.

Yes. Semi-Absentee Franchise Owners must have a strong restaurant and management background and will put a strong General Manager in place.

In addition to the Toastique dine-in experience in our bright, inviting cafe, customers can enjoy our gourmet offerings via takeout and third-party delivery. We are also well-equipped to handle catering orders, thanks to the ‘grab-and-go’ nature of our gourmet toasts, juices, smoothies, and acai bowls. A Toastique Healthy Franchise Owner has the potential to earn money from multiple complementary revenue streams.

With no fryers, hoods, ovens, or other complex restaurant equipment to worry about, Toastique Breakfast Franchise Owners can keep their restaurant operations simple and their build-out costs low. The only major equipment expense you should expect is an X-1 Mini Juicer which retails for $15,000 and is delivered to the door of your café.

Our Chief Operating Officer, Kyle Izett, is a highly-experienced builder and engineer, with an extensive project management background. Kyle and his team will assist with nearly every aspect of your location’s real estate, construction, and design, working to get it done quickly, efficiently, and below market cost!

As an Owner-Operator, you will assist with preparing healthy breakfast menu items. Additionally, our Executive Chef will provide training on the preparation of all menu items as well as extensive recipes that guide you through every step. The health food recipes are simple enough to be completed by anyone, regardless of their skills in the kitchen.

Toastique breakfast franchise welcomes multi-unit-minded investors, and offers 3-pack and 5-pack franchise deals to qualifying franchisee candidates. Ask our Franchise Development Manager for more details during your initial call.

The franchise fee is a one-time fee that is good for 10 years. After 10 years, our renewal fee is only $10,000 – 18% of the original franchise fee!

We ask that our breakfast restaurant Franchise Owners spend 2% of their quarterly gross sales on local marketing. Our Executive Team is here to help with marketing support! We also have an impressive social media following that has organically created brand ambassadors.

See why Toastique is one of the best health food franchise opportunities in the industry.

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