We’re heading to Reno and Vegas, baby!

Find out why Janelle Ordal decided to invest in three locations of our healthy food franchise

open a healthy food franchise with Toastique in Las Vegas

Nevada, here we come! 

Toastique, the fast-growing healthy food franchise that took the nation’s capital by storm, is now coming to Nevada with not just one or two but THREE locations. 

That’s right- Toastique will be opening two healthy food franchise cafés in Reno and one in Las Vegas. They will be led by a hardworking, spirited, and vivacious entrepreneur, Janelle Ordal. We’re moving West, and in great hands because we’ve got just the right Franchise Owner to lead us in Nevada!

No prior experience needed

If you’re thinking of becoming a Franchise Owner, you’re going to want to hear what Janelle has to say about discovering the Toastique opportunity. That’s because, for starters, she doesn’t come into the industry with any previous experience of running or owning a restaurant. This is in contrast to what most people believe is required for owning a healthy food franchise like Toastique.

Janelle was always committed to whatever job she was involved in. Before discovering Toastique, she had a flourishing career spread across the legal, real estate, and technology industries. Right now, she works as a major account executive for Nevada’s largest gas and electric utility.

What she brings to the table is her experience spread across several industries. But importantly, it’s her willingness to learn, research, and objectively analyze any opportunity.

First research, then commit

That’s also the second reason aspiring entrepreneurs should be interested in her approach. She didn’t merely pursue her passion of starting a business or being an owner. No, she studied the brand’s potential, its unique propositions, and then she decided to take the plunge. 

The third reason that makes Janelle the ideal entrepreneur is that she did comprehensive market research. She studied the restaurant sector in both Reno and LA and discovered an untapped potential. She didn’t want to open just another restaurant. She wanted to open a new concept and create a market for herself. 

Most entrepreneurs, like Janelle, start with a limited budget. It could be the hard-earned money from their careers and they want to make sure that their investment will bear fruit. What’s important is to study the business and the market before making any decision.

open a healthy food franchise with Toastique in Las Vegas

Toastique checks all the boxes

Janelle Ordal did precisely that. She looked around till she found the right opportunity in Toastique. She made a calculated decision after weighing in all the factors.

Is it a new concept? Yes.

Is the product unique and capable of attracting customers? Yes.

Will it stand out in an otherwise saturated market? Yes.

Does it have a proven revenue stream? Yes.

Is it free of competing Franchise Owners in the region? Yes.

Is the management invested in the Franchise Owner’s growth? Yes.

In Toastique, she found the opportunity that, according to her, “checked all of my boxes.

“A work of art”

To begin with, she studied the product. She was first drawn to the picturesque food and Instagrammable menu offerings. She loved their high visual appeal and found their bright and vibrant colors to almost be like “a work of art.”  

But it wasn’t just the aesthetics that captivated her. She realized that Toastique wasn’t another run-of-the-mill restaurant with a flashy menu that’ll interest consumers for a month or two. She understood that Toastique knows exactly who their audience is, crafts unique food that they need, and knows how to precisely reach them,

Toastique’s in-depth awareness of the larger customer shift towards healthy food is based on category insights. Janelle realized that Toastique, with its health-conscious, locally sourced ingredients, and visually stunning menu offerings, is exactly the healthy food franchise customers wanted.

Exclusivity matters

Janelle also appreciated the fact that Toastique wants all its Franchise Owners to succeed and flourish. She understood that the Founders weren’t looking to blindly expand the business without caring about the financial health of the Franchise Owners. 

They were more interested in the long-term success and growth of the Franchise Owners. The number of Franchise Owners was less important than the financial security and stability of each Franchise Owner. 

That’s why Toastique only allows one Franchise Owner per region. This exclusivity maintains the brand’s premium equity and ensures that there’s no needless competition and cannibalization between Franchise Owners. 

The emphasis on quality over quantity not only protects the brand and its reputation but helps those who have already invested in Toastique.

“Nothing short of amazing”

One of the most important aspects that sets the tone for all future engagements with the management is onboarding. In any franchise business, if the initial interactions are bureaucratic and cumbersome, you can expect the business to be problematic too. 

But not with Toastique. Janelle found onboarding to be easy and friendly. For an entrepreneur who decides to invest their time and money into a new concept, she knew that it was an important step of the process. 

According to Janelle, Hailey Hyde, Toastique’s Franchise Development Director, has been “nothing short of amazing.” She was there around the clock to answer all of Janelle’s questions. Hailey played a crucial role in her entrepreneurial journey, according to our new Franchise Owner in Nevada.

Discovering first-hand

While research and analysis are all good, nothing can match discovering the brand and its management in person. That’s exactly what Toastique’s Discovery Day is designed for. It’s when Franchise Owners can directly interact with co-Founders Brianna Keefe and Kyle Izett

Janelle says that Discovery Day went “better than I had ever expected.” She quickly hit it off with Brianna and Kyle and discovered that they were extremely organized and easy to talk to. 

Janelle realized that the Founders were going to work just as hard as she was to ensure that her entrepreneurial dreams would succeed with Toastique. She found Brianna and Kyle to be driven, goal-oriented, and with exceptional attention to detail. 

But what made it all feel real to her was visiting Toastique’s DC locations. Meeting staff members and sampling the menu was a crucial step for Janelle. Standing there, she could visualize bringing Toastique to Nevada and pioneering a whole new category.

She could see herself as a successful entrepreneur back in Nevada.

breakfast franchise for sale Toastique

Contagious vision

Janelle’s meeting with Brianna and Kyle convinced her that she was with the right brand and the right people. As she learned about their goals for the Franchise Owners, she wanted to be more involved. 

The hard work the Founders had put in over the years inspired her to venture out into her entrepreneurial journey with confidence and conviction. Impressed by the Toastique Founders, Janelle says, “Their vision is contagious.”

She also learned that the Founders were more than willing to use their network to help make the process easy for the Franchise Owners. What started as a formal business relationship, Janelle feels, has grown into a beautiful friendship.  

Fulfilling her own dreams

So, what made this successful executive take the plunge? After all, she has had fruitful stints across sectors with job security and a stable income. Why did she want to risk all that to be an entrepreneur?

For Janelle, it was the realization that throughout her career when she was working for large corporations, she was helping achieve someone else’s dreams. Finally, she decided that “enough was enough.” She was ready to work harder than ever. But this time, it would be different. 

She would be working to achieve her own success and fulfill her own dreams. 

She always knew that she had the drive and work ethic to succeed. Now that her success and the success of her business depend on her, there is no way she’s going to let it fail. Her words echo her conviction: “It’s time to dedicate my time and efforts to my business and my dreams!”

The right industry, the right name

A few people had questioned Janelle’s decision to enter the restaurant industry. The sector has always been known as one of the hardest to break into and find constant success. The situation has been exacerbated by the pandemic and people were worried about her foray into the restaurant industry. 

But her research had told her that the pandemic-induced crisis would be short-term. What mattered was a restaurant’s unique offerings, and its potential to acquire and retain customers. 

Plus, she knew that as an entrepreneur, she should be passionate about the products she offers. Along with that, the nature of the franchisor-franchisee relationship was also important. Finally, it had to be a brand that she would be willing to put her name and reputation behind. 

Toastique fit the bill perfectly.

own a breakfast franchise with Toastique

Waiting for the big day

The first Toastique locations in Nevada will be opening soon and the person who can’t wait for the big day is the one leading the brand’s foray into the state. For Janelle Ordal, it won’t only be the fact that she will be owning a healthy food franchise. It’s the fact that she’ll finally be becoming an entrepreneur. 

Becoming a business owner had always been her dream. After years of planning and discussing with others, she’s finally putting herself out there, taking the risk, and ready to reap the rewards. 

The most courageous part was taking the leap. Now that it’s done, Janelle’s focused on realizing her dream. She knows that it’ll be hard but she also knows that it’s one of the most rewarding things she has ever done. 

The whole process has proven to her that she’s capable of doing the hardest of things if she sets her heart and mind to it. Now she can’t wait for the opening day when she can physically see her dreams come to fruition.

It’s also personal

Opening Toastique’s first healthy food franchises in Nevada isn’t just a professional achievement for Janelle. There’s also something deeply personal about her decision.

Her youngest daughter was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease when she was four years old. For Janelle, it was exceptionally important to find a restaurant concept that’s inclusive to her daughter’s needs and provided options that she would love. 

Now, Janelle Ordal can’t wait to see her daughter’s face when she tries the food for the first time.  

From everyone at Toastique, we too can’t wait, Janelle, to see your daughter try it out. 

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