Why Toastique? The Healthy Toast and Juice Bar Franchise

The fast-casual dining sector is a bold competitor within the restaurant industry. With eating habits trending toward more nutritional options, Toastique is a healthy franchise to look into in more ways than one.

Even as a newcomer, Toastique managed to weather the crisis of 2020 with surprising resilience and is making a strong comeback. We even opened a new location mid-pandemic.

The fast-casual dining segment may have taken a hit, but experts are forecasting incredible growth with a CAGR of 8% predicted from now until 2024.

More than ever, people are wanting to exercise their right to eat out! With a 2021 value of $548.3 billion, this segment is holding its own!

Superfoods and all natural products are highly sought after and sales have seen a 25% increase in recent years.

It seems the world was hungry for what Toastique had to offer, and the ROI’s we’ve seen since opening are proof of that! If you’re wondering if Toastique is a healthy franchise that will turn a strong profit, just look at the numbers. In 2020, the average gross revenue was $589,268.

The Reason for Toastique’s Successful Healthy Franchise

The diners of today love that they can stop in for breakfast or brunch anytime. If you take a peek at what Toastique is serving up, you’d have to agree that breakfast never looked so magnificent with our one and only toast franchise! Greasy bacon and eggs with a stack of dripping pancakes are for yesterday’s consumer. Today’s patron has an appetite for all things savory, natural, colorful and nutritious! They want energizing, wholesome foods that will keep them going strong and feeling good throughout the day.

The health food industry is valued at $1 trillion which tells you something about today’s consumer. So what qualifies us as a healthy franchise?

Artisan Toasts

Our Instagram worthy creations are stacked with a rainbow of delicious looking ingredients: avocado, watermelon radishes, blueberries, microgreens and smoked salmon, just to name a few. This isn’t your ordinary blah buttered toast! We’ve turned the everyday classic into an open-faced sandwich that is a standalone wonder!

Smoothie Bowls

A lush smoothie base sets the stage for toppings such as açai, dragon fruit, hemp seed, coconut, and granola. The gourmet quality of these bowls makes them hard to duplicate at home.

Smoothie Blends

Thick and luscious looking, our smoothies are made from the choicest ingredients. You might try the Green Machine, the Blue Majik or the GingerBerry—either way you go, our blends are made to satisfy!

Fresh Juices

Cold pressed daily, our juice line-up is a source of pride for us at Toastique. Packed with superfoods that can build immunity or help rejuvenate post-workout, fresh beverages of this quality can’t be found just anywhere!

A Winning Business Model

As you can see, our healthy franchise has given brunch a whole new look that people are crazy about! We’ve nailed our product and timed the release perfectly! But how do we fare when it comes to the business side of things? Are we just as relevant when it comes to the way we present ourselves as a franchise?

Here are the Four Foundational Pillars that define Toastique’s unique business structure:

Low Overhead

No fancy equipment is required to run a Toastique since we only serve raw, wholesome goodness and have no need for high-end fryers or ranges. This makes for a smaller footprint and lower investment. With starting costs at $347,250 and a franchise fee of $45,000 for a single location, you’ll love the potential profit that can come when you run a successful, healthy franchise.

Multiple Streams of Revenue

We offer dine-in, takeout, delivery and catering options to give our customers more than one way to enjoy our offerings. During the pandemic, this flexibility was especially crucial to our operation and is the reason we were able to adapt and continue making headway.

No Direct Competition

As the only franchise that focuses on toast in the U.S., we fill a unique position in the fast-casual dining segment. In some areas of the country, the gourmet toast concept hasn’t yet been introduced, which presents a prime opportunity for forward-thinking entrepreneurs.

Promote Healthy Living

We’re careful about how we source our ingredients at Toastique. It’s important to us that we only offer all-natural products that are made in-house or through a local vendor. Knowing we’re the reason people are feeling so good and living healthier lifestyles is a big perk to owning a franchise through Toastique. When you invest in a solid franchise that has every indication of being a winning concept, you’re buying into a proven business model with the history to back it up. Teaming up with a healthy franchise that offers substantial training and support will set you on an exciting career path that could change your life! If you’re looking for security in a profession you’re passionate about, franchising with us is a low-risk option with the potential for incredible gains.
Bet you would toast to that!

Are You Just the Person We’re Looking For?

What would you think of representing a healthy franchise that is poised to see tremendous growth in the near future? Can’t you just see one of our restaurants making a big hit in your community? If so, we should talk!

We’re looking for extraordinary individuals who possess the following traits:

Ambassadors of Healthy Living

Serving up incredible, nutritious selections should be something you’re passionate about. It should excite you to know you’re the reason people are living healthy, vivacious lives.

Easy financing is an incredible advantage of franchising with Toastique.

The Drive to Succeed

You should have a strong work ethic and the motivation to commit yourself to running an extraordinary business.

Outstanding Customer Relations

It’s not just the food that draws people into our restaurants–it’s the warm welcome they receive as well. We’re looking for entrepreneurs who are committed to customer satisfaction. We want our patrons to enjoy the experience of being on our turf as much as they enjoy the food and drink.

Business Background

Those who have a strong history of working in the fast-paced hospitality or food industries sector would make an excellent fit with Toastique. Managerial and leadership skills are also highly valued.

Fearless Go-Getter

We’re looking for applicants who get pumped at the thought of introducing a new kind of restaurant to their area. Our Franchise Owners are trailblazers paving the way for more goodness to be delivered to communities everywhere!

If you dream of a future in which you’re operating a trendy, rustic gourmet toast and juice bar that inspires people to live healthier lives, what better way to do that than through your own healthy franchise?

Where do I Start?

Once you’re ready to take that first step, simply fill out a brief questionnaire to determine your eligibility for Ownership. In time, you’ll be granted access to exclusive financial performance documents and receive helpful insights into the inner workings of our system. Our franchise director will walk you through the Education Process and, in time, you’ll be in touch with our corporate team so we can get to know one another better. We want to help you progress along this journey and will see that you start with all the confidence and knowledge you need to thrive in this role.

If your passion aligns with ours, this could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship! No matter where your path takes you, however, we wish you the very best and thank you for exploring this opportunity.

We like to think of toast as a blank canvas for delicious, nutritious eating. Toastique may be your canvas for a fulfilling, profitable future.

Reach out to us today to find out more about this tasty opportunity.