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Americans consume over 100 billion breakfasts a year with another 50 billion people looking for something to satisfy their craving around brunch time.¹ That’s a lot of mouths to feed. At Toastique, we meet the demand with a unique approach to an old classic, dressing up artisan breads like they’ve never been decked out before.

Consumer demand is driving the need for more breakfast restaurants that offer on-the-go, nutritious and delicious options. Living in a more health-conscious society means offering something more than your typical pancakes, bacon and eggs. For those with an eye for novelty, purchasing a brunch franchise like Toastique opens up a whole new frontier that’s just beginning to be explored.

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The Reason for Toastique’s Successful Healthy Franchise

The diners of today love that they can stop in for breakfast or brunch anytime. If you take a peek at what Toastique is serving up, you'd have to agree that breakfast never looked so magnificent with our one and only toast franchise! Greasy bacon and eggs with a stack of dripping pancakes are for yesterday's consumer. Today's patron has an appetite for all things savory, natural, colorful and nutritious! They want energizing, wholesome foods that will keep them going strong and feeling good throughout the day.

The health food industry is valued at $1 trillion which tells you something about today's consumer. So what qualifies us as a healthy franchise?

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Artisan Toasts

Our Instagram worthy creations are stacked with a rainbow of delicious looking ingredients: avocado, watermelon radishes, blueberries, microgreens and smoked salmon, just to name a few. This isn’t your ordinary blah buttered toast! We’ve turned the everyday classic into an open-faced sandwich that is a standalone wonder!

Toastique acai bowl healthy franchise acai bowls.

Smoothie Bowls

A lush smoothie base sets the stage for toppings such as açai, dragon fruit, hemp seed, coconut, and granola. The gourmet quality of these bowls makes them hard to duplicate at home.

Toastique healthy franchise smoothies.

Smoothie Blends

Thick and luscious looking, our smoothies are made from the choicest ingredients. You might try the Green Machine, the Blue Majik or the GingerBerry—either way you go, our blends are made to satisfy!

Toastique healthy franchise cups of fresh juice.

Fresh Juices

Cold pressed daily, our juice line-up is a source of pride for us at Toastique. Packed with superfoods that can build immunity or help rejuvenate post-workout, fresh beverages of this quality can’t be found just anywhere!

Unique brunch franchise offerings at Toastique.

There’s Nothing Else Like It!

No other fast-casual restaurant is offering such a variety of customizable, wholesome meals like we are. From our açai bowls and smoothies, to cold-pressed juices and gourmet toasts and snacks, we’ve found a sweet spot that consumers are responding to, with our first store generating more than $1 million in sales after just one year.

Opportunity For Growth!

Current trends indicate that the breakfast franchise industry will see significant growth in the coming years.² The NPD Group announced recently that, of the three meals we eat a day, breakfast is the one seeing an increase in customer traffic.³

If there was ever a time to get on board with a brunch franchise that’s going places, now is the time to take that leap!


Toastique breakfast and brunch franchise owner.

Reasons to Jump On Board

Incredible Earning Potential

The incoming revenues look promising for Franchise Owners with the original Toastique seeing $1,104,698 in its first year.

Minimal Risk

Our simple business model allows for strong ROI due to having compact, efficient kitchens with minimal equipment required. We can get a store up and running in about 40 days.

Multiple Streams of Revenue

Giving customers the option to dine-in, order takeout, have meals delivered or catered means satisfying appetites in a number of ways.

Support Healthy Eating

Toastique’s selection of whole, all-natural foods and refreshing, healthy snacks means you’re supporting nutritious lifestyles.

Off to a Great Start!

Toastique brunch franchise storefront.

How much does it take to get started?

It takes $280,750 – $482,200 to open your own Toastique breakfast franchise. Candidates should have $150K in liquid capital and a net worth of $300K.

Toastique Breakfast Franchise Founder Brianna Keefe.

What qualities do you look for in a Franchise Owner?

Rather than extensive culinary experience, we’re interested in applicants with strong leadership and management skills and a passion for healthy living.

Gourmet brunch franchise like never before seen.

Do you offer a semi-absentee Ownership option?

Yes, Owners can either choose to be the principal operator of their location or go semi-absentee.

Own a breakfast franchise with Toastique.

What support is offered?

Besides hands-on training and field support, there will be marketing assistance and ongoing access to our team of experts.

We think we’re on to something and would love to pass the benefits along to you! If you’d like to bring something fresh and original to your community, inquire today to learn more.


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We like to think of toast as a blank canvas for delicious, nutritious eating. Toastique may be your canvas for a fulfilling, profitable future. Reach out to us today to find out more about this tasty opportunity.


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