A Healthier Take on the Sandwich Franchise

Toastique sandwich franchise Founder Brianna Keefe.

Operating your own healthy food franchise makes for an excellent career choice. Doing business in this $1 trillion industry poises you to see enormous success when you take advantage of health-conscious consumers on the lookout for convenient menu options that support their wellness goals.

You might want to know what sets our sandwich franchise apart from the rest. First and foremost, it helps that we don’t have any competitors who even come close to imitating our nutritious, gourmet, openface creations. Beyond that, we rise to greater heights largely through unsurpassable quality in an upscale atmosphere.

The Reason for Toastique’s Successful Healthy Franchise

The diners of today love that they can stop in for breakfast or brunch anytime. If you take a peek at what Toastique is serving up, you'd have to agree that breakfast never looked so magnificent! Greasy bacon and eggs with a stack of dripping pancakes are for yesterday's consumer. Today's patron has an appetite for all things savory, natural, colorful and nutritious! They want energizing, wholesome foods that will keep them going strong and feeling good throughout the day.

The health food industry is valued at $1 trillion which tells you something about today's consumer. So what qualifies us as a healthy franchise?

Toastique healthy franchise toast on wooden chopping board.

Artisan Toasts

Our Instagram worthy creations are stacked with a rainbow of delicious looking ingredients: avocado, watermelon radishes, blueberries, microgreens and smoked salmon, just to name a few. This isn’t your ordinary blah buttered toast! We’ve turned the everyday classic into an open-faced sandwich that is a standalone wonder!

Toastique acai bowl healthy franchise acai bowls.

Smoothie Bowls

A lush smoothie base sets the stage for toppings such as açai, dragon fruit, hemp seed, coconut, and granola. The gourmet quality of these bowls makes them hard to duplicate at home.

Toastique healthy franchise smoothies.

Smoothie Blends

Thick and luscious looking, our smoothies are made from the choicest ingredients. You might try the Green Machine, the Blue Majik or the GingerBerry—either way you go, our blends are made to satisfy!

Toastique healthy franchise cups of fresh juice.

Fresh Juices

Cold pressed daily, our juice line-up is a source of pride for us at Toastique. Packed with superfoods that can build immunity or help rejuvenate post-workout, fresh beverages of this quality can’t be found just anywhere!

Toastique is the best sandwich franchise to own in your area.

Nutritionally speaking, Toastique doesn’t serve anything that doesn’t meet our high standard of excellence. On the other hand, nutritionists warn consumers to avoid several of the ingredients found on Subway’s menu–like their white bread, pepperoni, salami, roast beef, ham, American cheese, bacon and several of their sauces.¹ While Subway does tend to be one of the healthier fast food options out there, Toastique is in a league of its own when it comes to serving up nutrition with a twist.

What You’ll Find On This Unique Breakfast Franchise Menu

Toastique sandwich franchise Founder Brianna Keefe.

A Quick and Healthy Option

Within the fast-casual dining scene, Toastique caters to customer priorities like timely service and excellent quality. While other franchises may boast the same, no other breakfast or brunch franchise does ‘healthy’ in such an innovative way.

Toastique healthy food franchise menu.

Upscale Experience

Being a step above the fast food scene means customers don’t just get served, they get treated to a deluxe culinary experience. The classy design of store interiors makes for a welcome space in which to fuel up on nutritious food.

Toastique healthy food franchise offers gourmet toast.

Naturally Nutritious

By using locally sourced (or inhouse), all-natural ingredients and going organic, we serve up the best grub money can buy. Customers can feel good about eating, regardless of what they select from our nutrient-dense menu.

Toastique healthy food franchise provides best-selling juices.

Beverage Line-up

It’s rare to find a healthy food franchise that serves up cold-pressed juices made fresh daily. Our juices send a direct shot of goodness into the system that can help detoxify, energize and refresh us.

On Trend

Our sandwich franchise is a stand-alone concept that is quickly taking center stage among discerning patrons. In addition, our Franchise Owners couldn’t be happier with what we offer. Not only do they feel good about promoting healthy lifestyles, they enjoy low overhead, incredible earning potential, and having multiple streams of revenue.

Toastique sandwich franchise customers enjoying healthy meals.
Toastique healthy food franchise's toast on wooden chopping board.

Healthy Food Franchise

With a starting investment of $280,750, you could have your own Toastique shop open within 5-12 months and bring in as much as $1,104,698, as one of our locations did after its first year in business.

For entrepreneurs who are passionate about promoting healthy living, you may see yourself operating a truly unique healthy food franchise with Toastique in the near future! Besides having a strong work ethic, excellent communication skills and a background in business management, we’re also looking for someone willing to be a trailblazer as we introduce this novel concept to locations near you. Reach out today to learn more.

We like to think of toast as a blank canvas for delicious, nutritious eating. Toastique may be your canvas for a fulfilling, profitable future. Reach out to us today to find out more about this tasty healthy food franchise opportunity.


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