Virginia is Getting Toastier with This Duo!


Hampton Roads, VA is a great place to be for so many reasons. Not only is it home to gorgeous coastlines, boardwalks, and natural beauty, but it’s also a bustling metropolis with plenty to do. Most recently, the area has added yet another feature to love, something that’s now made it fun and toasty in more ways than one. Hampton Roads is about to get its very own Toastique location, all thanks to some new franchise owners.

It’s safe to say that Sam and TC Hunter didn’t always plan to get into the restaurant industry. As a retired Navy officer and Navy Chief Petty Officer with a combined 46 years of service, these two dedicated their lives to something very different. When they decided to retire and pursue new opportunities, however, they knew they wanted to try something new – something that would both honor their skills and make a difference in their community.

“Giving back to the diverse communities in which I have resided has always been an important part of my life,” says Sam. “Over the past 30 years, I have volunteered for many initiatives – helping in classrooms, tutoring, mentoring; serving as a Sunday school teacher, and raising funds for charitable causes.” As a brain tumor survivor, she frequently volunteers her time supporting brain tumor patients and caregivers.

TC is also no stranger to applying his energy and skills to what matters most. “I enjoy volunteer work with youth sports teams and groups, as well as working with religious organizations that give back to the local and underserved communities. I enjoy bike riding near any type of waterfront or beach location. I also enjoy fishing with our son, traveling to new locations, and trying the local cuisines,” he says.

With a deep passion for those they love and a lifestyle that’s always been about living life to its fullest, it’s no wonder that these two would eventually find their way to Toastique.

And they did so in a unique way.

Like many people, Sam and TC were first introduced to the brand by a family member, their daughter, who brought them cold-pressed juice samples from her home in DC. Both loved the product and philosophy behind Toastique, and it was only a few months later when the discussion of investing in a new business venture came up that they realized just how perfect Toastique would be for their next chapter.

“Over the years, we have looked at a few potential franchising opportunities, but the timing or fit was never quite right. However, this time was different. With Toastique, it all came together at the right time.”

But it wasn’t all-in from the beginning. As strategic, diligent Navy vets, the two wanted to make sure they were doing their homework and taking the necessary steps to set themselves – and Toastique – up for success.

They decided to take part in a Discovery Day, where they had the opportunity to meet the brand’s founder and team, as well as see what life is like in a real, bustling Toastique restaurant.

“We observed how involved they are in the operations of their corporate stores. Discovery Day provided insight about who they are,” they say.

And upon meeting the team and learning more about Toastique’s commitment to quality, healthy ingredients, and strong community ties, they were sold.

“We liked the face-to-face interaction with the Founder and CFO/Director of Construction. They provided great insight into the operations and day-to-day management. They openly shared lessons learned. They even gave us their personal contact information to ensure we had a way to reach them directly with more questions. We walked away with our questions answered and feeling comfortable that this was the right choice for our family.”

From there, the Hunters decided to take the plunge confident in knowing that their interests and passions would be served well in owning a Toastique location.

As an avid runner with a passion for healthy living, Sam says “Toastique is a brand-aligned to my lifestyle. It would fulfill a dream of business ownership and most importantly, afford me the opportunity to combine my passions for learning, giving back, and healthy living.”

And that’s exactly what they’re going to do. Through their diverse and unique experience, the two are confident that they have the skills and know-how to succeed in the world of franchising. After all, having been part of something much larger than themselves – the U.S. Navy – they understand what it means to work together, support one another, and always keep moving forward – no matter what challenges or obstacles come their way.

“I am known for my ability to define issues, develop solutions, and drive initiatives to desired outcomes. I lead by example, take immense pride in the work of my teams, and nurture their professional and personal growth. All traits that will serve me well as a Toastique Owner-Operator,” Sam adds.

Together, Sam and TC plan on continuing Toastique’s mission to inspire and support a healthier, happier lifestyle in their community. They’re excited to begin this new phase in their lives where they can channel their experience and abilities into the world of business, and do so in a way that allows them to give back and make a difference.

 “More than an entrepreneur, I want to help others see the possibilities,” says Sam. “Coming from a tough childhood, there was nothing at that time that even allowed me to see an opportunity to own a business. Like me at that time, there are so many others who cannot see the future because they live day to day. While entrepreneurship is one highlight in my life, it is using my opportunities to help others that brings me the greatest joy.”

Toastique is honored to have such passionate, mission-driven individuals like Sam and TC on board, and we cannot wait to see all that they accomplish as they begin their journey with us.

Interested in owning your very own Toastique location? Contact our franchising team today to see what opportunities could await you.


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