This Banker Just Became Toastique’s New Owner


Orange County California is about to get a whole lot toastier.

Born and raised out of the Palm Springs area, Taylor Briggs has been a part of the Golden State her whole life. She’s among the oldest of four siblings, only rivaled in age by her identical twin sister. Since a young age, Taylor has been a passionate health enthusiast – she started playing sports at the age of three! It was this passion that drove much of her values and decisions throughout her life, eventually leading her to pursue Tennis and take up a Division 1 athletic scholarship from Florida Atlantic University.

She credits it as a formative opportunity where she learned to manage time, set goals, and strive for personal excellence both on and off the court.

And it was these skills that would serve her in her future endeavors. After getting her Bachelor’s degree, Briggs decided to move back home to California to pursue a career in the Financial Services industry.

And while she did love it – seeing it as an amazing way to learn the ins-and-outs of sales and client services – it soon became clear that she was destined for something more.

In need of a challenge, Taylor decided to consider becoming a franchise owner. “I have always seen myself leading others, motivating others, and taking charge through business ownership.” She says.

Upon researching her options, Taylor knew what she was looking for. She wanted to work with a company that aligned with her values and that also gave her the chance to be a part of something larger – to have an impact.

What she found was the Toastique franchising opportunity, which did just that.

“Everything about this concept feels so aligned with my lifestyle and beliefs and how I personally choose to live my life everyday… after a lot of research and many years searching for the right franchise, this one spoke to me.” She adds.

But it wasn’t all in at once. Briggs took her time and did her due diligence on the brand before investing. She took the time to engage in one of Toastique’s ‘Discovery Days’, during which she had the chance to see corporate locations first hand and the possibilities they offered.

“I was literally staring at the staff and imagining my life running my very own Toastique, and everything clicked. It just felt right.”

She knew that this was the right decision for her – so she pulled the trigger.


New Gourmet Toast franchise opens in Highlands Ranch, CO

Briggs is now in the process of opening her first Toastique location in Orange County, California and is beyond excited to get started.

“Starting any business at the age of 28 is a leap of faith, especially with no industry experience, but Toastique has made me feel so comfortable and welcome.”

She believes in the power of healthy habits, and is particularly convinced that her community in Southern California is a place for Toastique to thrive.

“I love that toastique is a new and emerging brand that has endless amounts of opportunity and I believe it’s super scalable in a business sense.”

From smoothies, juices and bowls to of course, toast, Briggs is confident that Toastique will have something for everyone who walks through the door.

To her, everyone today wants things quick, convenient and easy – but not at the cost of quality. She believes that Toastique offers all of that, and truly speaks to the oncoming generation of health-conscious individuals.

“My generation and future generations care about what they are fueling their bodies with. They want fast and healthy and also ‘instagram worthy’. That is Toastique.”

Briggs has high hopes for her future with Toastique – she wants to eventually open multiple locations and become a leader in the Toastique community.

She is motivated by the opportunity to have a real impact on people’s lives and believes that her Toastique locations can be a place for people to come together and make healthier choices. And through her hard work, dedication and love for the Toastique brand, she knows that anything is possible.

And when it comes to advice for other young entrepreneurs considering franchising, Briggs says “Go for it!”

“Follow your heart. Do not fall into the trap that you are stuck working for someone else’s dream for the rest of your life. As humans, we all have dreams. If you are considering business ownership, go for it.”

Are you ready to become a part of the action? Contact us today to learn more about franchising opportunities and take the first step towards owning your own Toastique location.

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