Toastique Grand Opening in Highlands Ranch, Colorado!

New Gourmet Toast franchise opens in Highlands Ranch, CO

It’s crazy to think how some of the biggest changes we make in our lives start with a simple thought. That was the case for Brett and Sherry Freedman when the couple decided to reevaluate their professional prospects and take up entrepreneurship. As dedicated and energetic individuals, they were yearning for a change, one that would make them want to “wake up and be excited to get out of bed and get to work”.

When wondering what opportunities might be available for the both of them, Brett did what most modern human beings do – turn to Google. A simple three word search of “healthy food franchise” later, and Brett and Sherry are now leading Toastique’s expansion into Colorado.

How did it start?

The Freedmans are hard working, growth-oriented individuals in more ways than one. Brett, a technical account manager at Amazon Web Services, and Sherry, a retail district manager, have long been at the forefront of their community. Brett has coached youth sports for over a decade, including, basketball, football and lacrosse. The two are also deeply rooted in the value of time with family, citing it as one of their favorite things to do.

In addition to the connections they have to their community, friends and family, the Freedmans also share a personal passion for food, working out and traveling. They’re firm believers in the power of personal wellness, and the notion that “healthy, delicious food can brighten up anyone’s day”.

This was something that was top of mind for them when looking for a potential business opportunity, ideally one that would allow them to give back to their community and match their healthy lifestyle.

After their initial Google Search for a “healthy food franchise”, the pair came across Toastique, which offered them promise in the aforementioned values they were hoping to find in a franchise partner. Their interest led them to communication with Hailey Hyde, Development Director at Toastique, who was able to help them get to know more about the brand and its long history of success with franchising.

New Gourmet Toast franchise opens in Highlands Ranch, CO
New Gourmet Toast franchise opens in Highlands Ranch, CO

Brett and Sherry loved the uniqueness of the brand, as well as the experience of seeing a Toastique store firsthand. They wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to get involved, seeing it as something that would offer them the flexibility and purpose they were in search of.

A little bit of planning later, and their three new locations are now opening in Denver. This marks an exciting milestone for Toastique and the Freedmans alike, as they expand its reach into Colorado and serve a community with the quality food and positive energy it deserves. Their first store at the Highlands Ranch location in the Denver metro area is now open, and is already beginning to get attention.

Brett and Sherry are confident in the stores’ success, as their drive, passion and intentions are nothing but pure. They’re doing it because they’re genuinely invested in the health and wellbeing of their community, and are perfectly positioned to prosper.


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