Smoothie Franchise or Café Franchise? How About BOTH?

Are you thinking of opening a smoothie bar or coffee shop in your community? Both are highly credible options since they come with an existing customer base. But why choose between a smoothie franchise and a coffee franchise when you can have the best of both worlds by becoming a Franchise Owner of Toastique?

The pandemic has made us all aware of the need for healthier options in our diets. Smoothies combine health, taste, and on-the-go convenience, effectively addressing the needs of those who value active and healthy lifestyles. On the other hand, the American love affair with coffee has always been strong.

Toastique smartly combines the benefits of a smoothie and café franchise. The best part? The brand has already proven the concept by opening its first full-service espresso bar in its brand new DuPont outlet in Washington D.C.

Starting a franchise is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as an entrepreneur. So, it’s good to have an objective analysis. To help you with this, let’s first look at the benefits of opening a smoothie or café franchise.

Benefits of owning a smoothie franchise

You can make it trendy

One of the biggest advantages of owning a smoothie franchise is that you can successfully associate with any health trends. If there’s a new super-fruit, you can add that to your drinks. Avocados, dragonfruit, açaí- you name it and it can be part of your menu.

It’s easy to market

People know smoothies and so there’s no need to spend huge amounts of money on marketing. With beautiful photographs of your juices, you can start attracting customers from day one. The fact that it’s supremely healthy ensures that there will be demand throughout the year.

An inclusive choice

Customers are already aware of the benefits of smoothies. Plus, there’s little resistance to the product. In other words, vegetarians, vegans, and those with dairy or gluten intolerance can have it. This opens up the potential market.

Easy to experiment

Another benefit of owning a smoothie franchise is that you get to experiment. You can either add new fruits or vegetables to the menu or mix and match existing options. With this, you can refresh your menu and have special offers for particular smoothies every day.

Benefits of owning a café franchise

A popular habit

The market for coffee drinks is not just massive but also highly evolved. People have their preferences and it’s become a habit for most customers. Unlike other food or drinks, people don’t mind having it daily.

Proven business model

Café franchises are growing all over the country because the business model has been proven time and again. If you partner with an established and growing brand, you’ll have a ready-made customer base. A café franchise also comes with high margins if you can control your costs.

Potential to expand the menu

Open the menu of any café franchise and you’ll realize the potential for expansion. From burgers to sandwiches to the signature gourmet toasts you’ll find at Toastique, there’s a world of options you can serve with coffee. This also increases the revenue per customer.

<bstyle=”font-weight: 400;”=””>Lower risk</bstyle=”font-weight:>

Starting from scratch is extremely risky since you’ll have to build your brand, create a unique product, and then continuously invest in marketing. It might take months for you to break even and you’ll always be vulnerable to new entrants with greater brand equity. Going with a nationally recognized brand substantially lowers your expenses and risk.

smoothie and café franchise in one

Toastique healthy café franchise: The best of both worlds

Toastique is doing to smoothie bars what it did to the brunch sector: It’s disrupting the category. The brand that has become synonymous with healthy, yummy, and uniquely imaginative toasts, cold-pressed juices, and açaí bowls is combining espresso and smoothie bars. That’s double the product and double the potential for you.

Excellent market reception

Customers have been flocking to Toastique’s DuPont outlet in Washington D.C. to enjoy their favorite smoothies, juices, and espresso drinks. Of course, the signature gourmet toasts are also part of this highly eclectic menu.

Designed for more footfall

A wide range of products, that too trending drinks, gives customers more choices. If a group of colleagues or friends wants to order juices and coffee, instead of going to multiple places, now they can walk into a Toastique. This significantly increases the potential number of customers.

More reasons to order

An individual who picked up a smoothie on the way home from the gym can visit the outlet the next day for coffee. A diverse menu means different experiences for customers every time they visit a Toastique espresso bar.

Valuable tools and training

Toastique gives Franchise Owners all the tools they need to successfully open and run a smoothie and coffee franchise. The brand has experience entering various markets and empowering its Franchise Owners with a sound business model and multiple revenue streams.

You’ll get to learn all these best practices, which will help you avoid many of the common pitfalls associated with starting a business from scratch. If you want the advantages of both a smoothie and café franchise in one, click here to know more about Toastique’s franchising opportunities.

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