How Toastique Brings Multiple Revenue Streams to Breakfast Franchise Owners

Toastique is a popular gourmet toast and juice bar franchise that offers customers healthy food and beverage options — but you already know that. However, you might not know why a fast-casual restaurant franchise like Toastique can be a life-changing time and financial investment for the better.

For one, a fast-casual juice franchise has a proven business model that has already been successful in other locations. This can help reduce the risk of failure compared to starting a new restaurant from scratch.

And at Toastique, we offer you all of the Franchise Owner support you need to succeed. We’ll start with a 2-week training program so you will learn everything from recipes, ordering, ingredients, processes, P.O.S. (CAKE by Sysco), inventory, management, employee training, hiring, marketing, grand opening assistance, and location-specific opportunities. After that, the ongoing support consists of bi-monthly calls to inform Franchise Owners of any new happenings, such as our Toast of the Weeks and seasonal promotions. Unlike the competition, we take pride in being available 24/7 for our Franchisees!

Watch our Franchise Owner Support video HERE.

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Anyhoo… back to the advantages of fast-casual restaurant franchises.

Starting a new restaurant can be expensive, but investing in a sandwich franchise can be more cost-effective. The franchisor provides the franchisee with everything they need to get started, including equipment, supplies, and marketing materials.

If you invest in a successful fast-casual breakfast franchise, there may be opportunities to open additional locations in the future. This can help you build a successful business and generate more income over time.

Of course, investing in a fast-casual franchise is not without its risks. It’s essential to do your due diligence and thoroughly research the franchise before deciding. You should also consult a financial advisor and a lawyer to ensure you fully understand the financial and legal implications of investing in a restaurant franchise.

How Toastique Brings Multiple Revenue Streams to Franchise Owners

At Toastique, we’ve been fortunate enough to be successful since the day our first gourmet toast and juice bar opened, and we’ve been able to translate that to our breakfast franchise owners.

How do we do that?

We’ve brought in multiple revenue streams to Franchise Owners by diversifying our offerings and expanding the gourmet toast and juice bar business model. Here are a few ways in which we’ve been able to do that:

Boutique Franchise Concept: We have found the best way to support Franchise Owners is to grow sustainably in predefined Cities and Communities that would best support/sustain a Toastique location’s growth. 

Cafe Sales: Our primary revenue stream comes from the cafes, which offer a range of healthy food and beverage options. The brand has grown this revenue stream by expanding its store footprint and increasing customer traffic through marketing efforts. And it paid off because, at almost every grand opening, we have a line extending out the store and around the block — usually starting the night before like a Springsteen concert.

Online Ordering: Toastique has also implemented an online ordering system, allowing customers to place orders for pickup or delivery. This has enabled the company to tap into the growing online ordering trend and has helped increase sales.

Loaded Pipeline: Our breakfast franchise business model is so locked in, and our reputation is so high we have an entire pipeline of franchisee candidates, so there is a strong chance we ‘sell out this year’! In fact, we only have a handful of franchise territories left, so get yours before you’re done reading this!

Retail Sales: We offer a range of branded products for sale, including t-shirts, reusable bags, and water bottles. This has allowed us to create a new revenue stream by tapping into the popularity of our gourmet toast and juice bar franchise brand and offering customers a way to take home a piece of the Toastique experience!

Simple & Scalable: The small, effective design of Toastique eliminates the need for large cooking appliances like ovens, fryers, or hoods. This enables quick and inexpensive construction. Once operational, our venues can be operated by a three- to five-person team. The fact that 72% of franchise system owners have several units is unsurprising, given how easy it is to start a site.

Catering: Toastique also offers catering services for events, which has allowed the company to generate additional revenue by tapping into the growing demand for healthy food options at events and corporate gatherings.

Look At That Menu: Not only is our menu unique, creative, and delicious, but it also looks absolutely gorgeous! It exudes the “wow” element, making it tough to resist taking that Instagram picture. The aesthetic presentation of our menu items automatically leads to a tastier experience and free marketing for Franchise Owners because people eat with their eyes first.

Have a look for yourself HERE!

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So our first menu item, which is our most popular item across the board at any gourmet toast and juice bar location, is our Avocado Smash. We make everything in-house and marinate the tomatoes, making them unique and delicious. Our bread is also locally sourced, and for the Avocado Smash, we use a multi-grain.

The other most popular item is our Smoked Salmon. We use the pastrami salmon, which gives the dish more flavor, and pair it with our herb cream cheese, also made in-house. It’s full of toppings like capers and a toasty seasoning similar to Everything Bagel seasoning. We use local sourdough bread for this dish.

Now to our bowls, and the most popular of our bowls is the PBMB Bowl. Again, we use house-made peanut butter using unsalted roasted peanuts and then top it off with a honey-roasted peanut butter drizzle. It’s a constant staple at all of our brunch franchise locations. 

Lastly, we have our Radiance Juice. It uses spring citrus, so we only offered it as a seasonal juice, but SO many people went crazy for it, so we decided to make it a permanent menu item. Once we did that, we changed the name to Radiance. It’s made with grapefruit, blood orange, regular orange, pineapple juice, and basil, so it’s ridiculously refreshing. 

At Toastique Gourmet Toast & Juice Bar, we believe everyone eats with their eyes first, so we want it to be just as beautiful as it tastes! 

Please, Won’t You Join Us?

As we said above, we’re awarding a minimal number of franchises for the rest of the year — 25 to be exact — so don’t wait any longer. Head over to our Franchise Website and start the process!