Toastique Bringing Waves of Customers to New Healthy Franchise Locations!

By now, we’re guessing you’ve already heard about Toastique, the gourmet toast and juice bar that has swept the brunch world like wildfire.

As soon as we started franchising in 2020, we knew we had something special on our hands. Currently, we have six company units open, six breakfast franchise units open, with 60 more currently in development.

Recently, we opened a new juice bar location in Hoboken, New Jersey, courtesy of Jude Sangillo, one of our newest Franchisees. The new Branch and Franchise Owner were wonderfully detailed in an article by Caren Lissner, a staff writer for

Hello, Hoboken

Located on Washington Street and 15th Street near the Tea Building, this breakfast franchise specializes in smoothies, bowls, and covered toast (including avocado smash, smoked salmon, and Greek dishes).

Jude told Carne, “I lived in Hoboken for five years, enjoyed every minute of it, and always dreamed of returning to start a business in the mile-square city. I believe that Hoboken’s Toastique health food franchise fills a unique niche in capturing many of the current wants and needs by serving food that not only tastes great but leaves you without feeling guilty because it is genuinely healthy with accessible menu prices in a fast-casual format.”

He added, “Every community, including Hoboken, should have access to convenient, nutritious food options away from home.”

Caren goes on to give details about the opening and tossed in a juicy little nugget that the first 25 customers at the door got a free meal!

Why Investing In A Healthy Food Franchise Like Toastique Is A Fantastic Idea.

Interest in healthy, whole foods has increased recently, but the pandemic has accelerated it. Consumers today recognize the need to make healthier lifestyle choices. If you want to start a business or branch out into the restaurant industry, this is the right time to consider opening a healthy restaurant franchise.

Most people thinking of opening a restaurant choose one of the more traditional options. Whether it’s an ethnic restaurant or a fast food restaurant, these are the obvious choices in today’s popular culture.

It might be easy but unwise because the restaurant industry and consumers have changed. Old ideas no longer work. As an entrepreneur, a healthy restaurant franchise is one of the safest bets you can make.

You should always know where your industry is headed before investing your money, time, and effort. And it takes a significant  investment to start a restaurant, especially in the traditional sector. Having your own healthy restaurant can help you get a decent return on each of your  investments.

Anyone can open a restaurant. But the unique difference you add to yours is what can ultimately make you successful.

No matter how delicious, what you serve will be the same as what others serve. This causes some problems. Your restaurant has little competitive advantage and low brand recall. 

However, in a healthy restaurant franchise, your menu stands out from other businesses in the area, giving you a substantial competitive advantage. Sometimes, you can create entirely new categories with less competition.

Prices Need to Be Flexible

When there are too many competitors with similar products, the only way to differentiate yourself  is to lower your prices. This is why many restaurants struggle to find repeat customers and earn a profit. This price barrier has always constrained restaurant entrepreneurs, but the new reality of app-based delivery has exacerbated the problem.

When your customers shop on grocery delivery aggregator apps, it instantly compares you to other restaurants based on price. This has nothing to do with the quality of food as most dishes can be found elsewhere.

Healthy restaurant franchises differ in that they are free to charge a premium for multiple dishes. Consumers will happily pay the price difference because it’s healthy and made from all-natural ingredients. Therefore, starting a healthy restaurant franchise can provide a reasonable and stable source of income. 

No Need For Over-Marketing

After starting a healthy restaurant franchise, you don’t have to spend money unnecessarily on marketing. There’s no need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to raise brand awareness or educate the public about your health food franchise.

This is another reason to invest in  a healthy restaurant franchise from a nationally known chain like Toastique, Gourmet Toast & Juice Bar. This brand has extraordinary value in the minds of consumers. There’s no need to start from scratch and create a new brand. 

Back in June of 2022, we brought our awesome healthy fast-casual concept to Colorado Springs, Colorado, and the locals went bananas for it!

“We couldn’t be more excited to expand Toastique across Colorado Springs,” Brianna Keefe, founder, and CEO, told “Healthy eating isn’t going out of style, and we know the consumer demand is only growing. Therefore, we want to make sure that anyone who lives near Toastique checks us out, and we promise, once they try our top-notch ingredients and thoughtfully curated menu, they will keep coming back for more.”

This grand re-opening occurred in early February and couldn’t have gone better. The line was around the block, with people lining up as early as 11 PM. the night before! 

Why would people do that?

Because they were hoping to win free Toastique for an entire year!

These grand openings are SO good for the healthy franchise brand because they bring in loads of new fans, and if you open your very own Toastique, your marketing efforts will have to be minimal because of our superb reputation. And yes, it’s true, the first 50 people in line will get free Toastique for an entire year.

Change Your Life One Piece of Gourmet Toast At A Time

Toastique’s charm lies in its unique menu of healthy gourmet toasts, acai bowls, and cold-pressed juices. The flexibility of formats such as eat-in, delivery, and grab-and-go make Toastique Gourmet Toast & Juice Bar very customer friendly.

Investing in a health food franchise brand like Toastique can change your life for the better. It can set you and your family up for the future. It’s a big decision. It’s a serious decision. But it’s also a decision that many have made and haven’t looked back. Click here to find out more about our Breakfast Franchise Opportunities.

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