Toastique: Be the Toast of the Town

If you’re looking for a way to become a foodie hero in your town, opening a Toastique Gourmet Toast & Juice Bar could be just the ticket. We’re a popular restaurant chain specializing in artisanal toasts, smoothies, and other healthy eats. Here are a few reasons why investing with us in your town could earn you a lot of fans and admirers.

First and foremost, we’re known for delicious and healthy food options. Unlike many breakfast restaurant franchises that serve greasy and unhealthy fare, we pride ourselves on using fresh, natural ingredients to create wholesome, delicious, and nutritious meals. From avocado toast to peanut butter banana smoothies, we offer a range of healthy menu items that are sure to please even the pickiest eaters.

We’re also known for its commitment to sustainability and environmentalism. The restaurant franchise uses only eco-friendly packaging and sourcing methods to minimize its environmental impact. This is an essential consideration for many modern consumers who are increasingly aware of their food choices’ impact on the environment.

Another reason why franchising with Toastique Gourmet Toast & Juice Bar in your town could make you a foodie hero is because of our strong healthy franchise brand and extremely loyal following. Toastique has built a reputation as a trendy and hip breakfast restaurant chain that appeals to health-conscious millennials and Gen Zers. By opening a Toastique in your town, you could tap into this loyal customer base and attract a steady stream of patrons who are eager to try out the latest and greatest healthy food trends.

One of the best parts of a Toastique breakfast franchise is how Instagrammable our food is. The aesthetically pleasing decor, colorful murals, and trendy design elements make for great photo opportunities. You’ll create a buzz on social media and attract people from all over eager to snap pics of their artisanal toasts and smoothie bowls.

And lastly, maybe the most important part, it’s a pretty good business move. The restaurant industry is notoriously competitive, but Toastique breakfast franchise has already proven itself to be a successful and growing franchise brand. By partnering with the company, you could tap into its expertise and leverage its existing infrastructure to help your new business thrive. We have a proven track record of expanding into new markets and building a loyal customer base, which could help your new breakfast restaurant hit the ground running.

Let’s Meet Our Newest Healthy Franchise Owners

Toastique’s newest healthy breakfast franchise owners are no strangers to the franchise business. Brad and Natalie Plotkin are currently owners of a Title One Boxing franchise in Owings Mills, Maryland, and have been wildly successful at it. They were looking to expand their business investment profile but wanted something other than a fitness brand.

After being presented with Toastique Gourmet Toast & Juice Bar, they immediately fell in love with the franchise concept and knew this was the perfect fit for them as well as a great sister business to their boxing franchise. They were able to find a location across from their Title One and submit a letter of intent.

Both knew immediately from the healthy breakfast menu to the decor that Toastique was a perfect fit. I am so excited to watch them thrive in the Owings Mills market!

Let’s meet them, shall we?

Brad & Natalie Plotkin of Owings Mills, Maryland

What is your personal/professional background?

Bradley:Worked for nearly 20 years as Sales Leader in Retail at T-Mobile and Apple.

Natalie: I spent 15+ years in Retirement Operations at T. Rowe Price.

Prior to our career fields, we both spent many years working in the restaurant industry as servers, cooks, and bartenders at various restaurants.

What are your personal hobbies or interests?

N: Fitness is a large part of our life (hence Brad’s business) and is a starting point nearly every day for us. Bradley spends most of his days at his boxing club and is a huge boxing and mixed martial arts fan. 

I’m a huge plant enthusiast and have dozens spread throughout our home. 

Together, our family of four, including Dylan (10) and Harper (7), love to ride bikes and walk Beau, our 1-year-old Goldendoodle, who is an essential part of our family.

How did you first become aware of Toastique Gourmet Toast & Juice Bar?

N: Several years ago, Bradley was interested in juicing and smoothie businesses and inquired about Clean Juice and Nektar.  After interviewing several franchisees in the Clean Juice system, Bradley opted not to move forward. Several years later, mid-pandemic, he was introduced to Toastiuqe healthy brunch restaurant by his franchise advisor Matt Lucas and fell in love with the franchise concept.

Why is Toastique the right fit for you?

B: Natalie and I loved the combination of food and drink offerings. Where we felt other restaurant franchise concepts fell flat was their limited menu and revenue stream in food specifically, and what Toastique offered was a totally unique healthy breakfast menu that was attractive and delicious. The concept and design of the cafe aligned very much with my wife’s aesthetic and personal style; it felt like going to our Toastique Gourmet Toast & Juice Bar would be like a 2nd home.

What did you like about the Toastique health food franchise opportunity?

B: We felt like the industry of healthy casual dining was very opportunistic, although there is some competition in the area. However, we recognized that Toastique’s approach, franchise concept, and overall healthy breakfast menu was so differentiated from our competition that we were confident that we could succeed in our market. We greatly appreciated that the restaurant franchise was relatively new and adapting to change and has succeeded during the most challenging of times with the COVID pandemic.

What did you like about meeting Toastique’s Founder and the rest of the corporate team?

N: We really liked the bond and relationship that the founders had with their team. It was evident that they worked on the front line and were passionate about the business, the people, and maintaining the essence of the franchise brand.

What did you like about Toastique’s Approval Day (formerly known as Discovery Day)?

B: We enjoyed seeing the multiple franchise locations and the volume discrepancies in the business during the morning and afternoon. It was great to see the front and back of house operations and manuals to get a glimpse of training and preparation for the day-to-day. We also enjoyed meeting other prospective Toastique breakfast franchise owners to understand who/what skill sets would be running locations.

What was the “A-Ha!” or “lightbulb” moment that made you want to become a franchisee with Toastique?

B: The menu.

N: Walking in and seeing Dupont and realizing that she could absolutely go there to work every day.

Why did you want to become an entrepreneur?

B: Natalie has been in the corporate world for nearly 20 years and has reached a point in her career where she would like to pursue a business that she is passionate about.

N: After working for nearly 20 years in corporate leadership, Bradley decided he no longer wanted to work for other sales leaders when he felt their goals didn’t align with his. Bradley was a top achiever for most of his career, yet every quarter, he was reminded that past results meant nothing. Rather than continuing to work for others, Bradley realized he would be happiest building something long-term for himself and his family.

He’s been looking for years to expand on his fitness business and find a synergistic investment opportunity to provide his current members a healthy nutritional solution pre/post class.

What do you think will make you successful?

N: Bradley runs a TITLE Boxing Club directly across the street from our location. There is great synergy between the two businesses, and we will “feed” our members into our Toastique healthy brunch franchise location. Down the street from our gym is a Club Pilates and a flagship Marriott Hotel “The Tillery.” We are in a unique complex with nearly 2000 residents with access to the first stop on the metro station traveling to downtown Baltimore City. Our center has several restaurants and bars, quick-stop lunch places, and gyms, but nothing that offers a healthy meal! Natalie and Bradley’s experience in leadership, retail management, people management, and the restaurant industry should help them create an excellent environment that will deliver a unique fast-casual restaurant offering the only healthy meal in the center.

What set Toastique apart, in your eyes, from other franchise investment opportunities in the Food/Fast Casual Industry?

B: The menu, the adaptability to change in the marketplace, and the seasonal offerings allow for revenue streams that many other restaurant franchises wouldn’t allow for.

What advice would you give to a potential Franchise Owner?

N: Please research other similar businesses in the same industry and talk with owners within their businesses. When I was interested in Clean Juice, I was invited to Discovery Day and reviewed the financials they supplied, put together my own financials sheet, and just couldn’t come up with ways to break even. I spoke with several Franchise Owners and found many disgruntled franchisees in the system who lost a ton of money.

With Toastique, there weren’t many Franchise Owners to speak with, so I spent time visiting different locations after we opted in to get a vibe on the people, their temperament, the traffic, the sales volume, etc., to see if it was in line with what the daily sales forecasts were. We were quite pleased with what we saw.

Start scouting real estate early if you don’t already have a place in mind. The right real estate is key to the business’s success outside of the people you hire.

How much did Toastique’s emphasis on healthy living and creating food made with whole, healthy ingredients influence your choice to own a franchise with them?

B: Very much so as it aligns with our daily lifestyle.

What are you looking forward to most about owning your own Toastique breakfast franchise?

N: We are excited to go to a place that is vibrant and clean and be able to sell a healthy breakfast menu to the public!

Be Like the Plotkin’s & Get Yourself on the Toastique Bandwagon

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