What Are the Biggest Benefits of Owning a Healthy Restaurant?

Owning a Healthy Cafe Franchise in 2022
While the interest in healthy and all-natural food had been growing over the last few years, the pandemic accelerated it. Consumers are now aware of the need to make healthier lifestyle choices. If you’re thinking of starting a business or venturing into the restaurant industry, this is the time to consider opening a healthy restaurant franchise. 


Most people who think of starting a restaurant would go for any of the traditional choices. Whether it’s an ethnic or a fast food outlet, these are the obvious options in popular culture. 

It may be easy but it’s an unwise move because both the industry and consumers have changed. The old ideas won’t work anymore. As an entrepreneur, a healthy restaurant franchise is one of the safest bets you can make.

Why you should open a healthy restaurant franchise

As an entrepreneur, you should be aware of where the industry is headed before you invest your time and effort. And starting a restaurant, especially in the traditional sector, requires a lot of investment. Here’s why having your own healthy restaurant will help you get the right returns on those investments. 

Less competition

The restaurant industry comes with few barriers to entry. Anyone can open a restaurant with the same old menu and still claim to be a new restaurant in town. If you were to go with a traditional fast-food outlet, you’ll be joining the bandwagon. 

What you offer, however delicious, will be like what several others offer. This creates several problems. There will be little competitive advantage and low brand recall for your restaurant.

But with a healthy restaurant franchise, your menu will be distinct from other outlets in the area, which will give you a significant competitive advantage. In several instances, you might be creating a whole new category that has little competition.

Pricing flexibility

When there are too many competitors with similar products, the only way to stand out will be by reducing prices. This is one of the reasons many restaurants struggle to make profits despite finding regular customers. While this pricing barrier has always constrained restaurant entrepreneurs, the new reality of app-based delivery has compounded the problem. 

When customers buy through food delivery aggregator apps, they will be making instant comparisons between you and other restaurants based on price. This will be independent of the quality of your dishes since most of them can be easily found elsewhere. 

A healthy restaurant franchise is different because it will give you the freedom to command premium pricing on several dishes. Since it’s healthy and made with all-natural ingredients, consumers would be willing to pay the price difference. So, starting a healthy restaurant franchise will help you get adequate returns and a stable revenue stream.

Toastique brunch franchise Founder Brianna Keefe

Changing consumer behaviors 

The biggest reason to open a healthy restaurant franchise is that it’s the future of the industry. The pandemic played a crucial part in changing consumer expectations about food. But the movement had started a few years ago. 

There has been a growing realization that the industrialized manufacturing process used in fast-food outlets is unhealthy. That industry’s primary objective is not to create nutritious and wholesome food but to churn out meals in quick succession with high economies of scale. 

It’s convenient but hardly healthy. Consumers have had to pay the price for these unhealthy choices. Obesity and related health conditions are now frighteningly common even among teenagers and children.

The pandemic brought to light the need for healthy lifestyle choices. Confined to their homes, millions of people realized that their sedentary lives fueled by cheap carb-filled food can only be bad news. By starting a healthy restaurant franchise, you’ll be providing them with the solution. 


Since there exists a massive need for healthy food – especially fast-casual healthy food – you’ll be creating a business that already has a strong demand. This considerably reduces the risk and helps you stand out. 

In the traditional unhealthy sector, the hope is that supply would create demand. With a healthy restaurant franchise, rest assured, demand will create its supply.

No need for unnecessary marketing

You won’t have to needlessly spend on marketing if you open a healthy restaurant franchise. There is little need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to create brand awareness or educate the public about your business. There is heightened awareness about the category and customer expectations around pricing.

With a regular restaurant, this won’t be the case. With little product differentiation, you’ll be competing with every other restaurant in the vicinity. No matter how good or unique your dishes are, you’ll have to incur considerable expenses in marketing.

Unlike what you spend on the infrastructure or utensils, marketing investments will be regular. You’ll have to constantly spend on both traditional and digital media. Other than the media expenses, your restaurant will also need to spend on retaining a digital agency to take care of the marketing. 

This is another reason why you should open a healthy restaurant franchise of a nationally reputed chain like Toastique. The brand has exceptional equity in the minds of consumers. You don’t have to start from scratch a create a new brand.

Toastique: The future-proof healthy restaurant

If you’re thinking of opening a restaurant, a smart decision would be to go with a brand that’s in alignment with consumer needs and expectations. Toastique has already proven the viability of its business model in several markets and is now expanding all across the country. 

What makes Toastique such a compelling proposition is its unique menu consisting of healthy gourmet toasts, açaí bowls, and cold-pressed juices. The flexibility of the format, including, dine-in, delivery, and grab-and-go makes Toastique exceptionally customer-friendly.

Opening a restaurant will be one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your life. Choosing a healthy restaurant franchise like Toastique will make it easy for you to succeed and live the life of your dreams. Click here to know more about our franchising opportunities.

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