What Made Kevin and Krista Christianson Choose Our Healthy Franchise?

Kevin and Christa Christianson - Toastique Franchise - Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, CO now has three new things to look forward to. Toastique is coming to town with not just one or two but THREE all-new locations! And who better to lead this nationally recognized and growing healthy breakfast franchise than Kevin and Krista Christianson? 

It would be an understatement to say the pair is excited about the venture. “We believe in the brand, and we believe in ourselves! For us, it’s the next adventure in our long-term partnership,” says Krista about owning a healthy franchise with Toastique.

One of the things you notice about the Christiansons is they seem to have an uncanny knack for making the right choices. To begin with, they have been married for 23 years. The couple has a son and a daughter, and they have lived in Colorado Springs since 2017. 

Krista spent 21 years in the Air Force working as a nurse anesthetist. Kevin has over 25 years of experience in the restaurant and retail industry. He also has prior experience in the food service industry, having run his own quick-service restaurant when the family was in California.

Kevin and Krista Christianson have demonstrated through their professional and personal lives that they value loyalty, discipline, and commitment. While that makes the couple inspirational, what makes them unique is how they defy the stereotypes around entrepreneurship.

There has been an unfortunate assumption that starting your own business is only an option for those in their 20s or 30s, or that owning a business is only possible with years to decades of previous business management experience. In actuality, becoming a business owner through investing in a healthy franchise like Toastique is a smart and fun way to transition from one’s previous career to something that can bring a new level of personal and professional fulfillment. Kevin and Krista Christianson are prime examples of what it really takes to own and run a successful business.

Anyone can become an entrepreneur provided they have the commitment to work hard, desire to learn, and can demonstrate people management skills. For the Christiansons, it was also an opportunity to start an exciting journey together. Krista says, “Entrepreneurship seemed like the perfect fit as we redefine our goals for the next several years.”

For the couple, investing in Toastique was more than a business venture. Krista explains, “As a family, we experienced both personal and professional transitions in recent years that inspired us to reinvent and reinvest in ourselves.” 

It’s not just for themselves, though. The Christiansons are also embarking on this exciting phase of their lives to inspire the next generation. As Krista says, “We want to set a positive example for our children.”

One can safely say that this family is into sports, particularly soccer. Kevin has played soccer all of his life. He has also been a youth soccer coach for several years. Both of the couple’s children also play soccer at a competitive level. The Christiansons place high importance on health and with Toastique’s focus on healthy, all-natural food, the franchise brand seemed like the perfect fit.

“Toastique represents everything we were looking for in a fast-casual concept,” says Krista. The family’s reason for choosing Toastique is perhaps the simplest, yet also the most important motivation for owning a business: “It is a place where we would want to be customers.”

The couple saw the positive effects the healthy breakfast franchise can bring to their neighborhood. Krista says they “liked the idea of introducing healthy vibrant food options into our community.” But it’s not just the healthy gourmet toasts or cold-pressed juices that the couple has in mind.

They are also extremely serious about “delivering it in a way that meets our high standards for quality and customer service.” Krista is confident that they can do it, saying, “it helps that Kevin works so well with customers and they love him.”

The couple was also impressed by the Founder of Toastique Brianna Keefe and Kyle Izett, CFO and Director of Construction. “They welcomed our questions, provided tons of information, showed us their stores, and made us feel like we could be part of the brand,” Krista recalls.

The Approval Day Experience

The Christiansons believe that they were fortunate to be able to spend a day with Toastique healthy franchise Founder Brianna Keefe and COO/Construction Manager Kyle Izett, along with the rest of the executive team at their Approval Day in Washington, D.C. What they liked about the leadership of Toastique was the leadership team’s openness. Krista says, “Brianna and Kyle were genuine and transparent about their backgrounds and goals for the brand.  It was like hanging out with friends!”

The new Franchise Owners loved having a first-hand experience of how Toastique worked during their Approval Day. As Krista explains, “We were able to see Brianna and Kyle in their element and how they interacted with their staff and their team.”

What made the couple choose Toastique over others? They did their market research about the product and the Founders and found them to be “far superior to any other concept.” But it was the meeting with Brianna and Kyle that cemented the deal for the Christiansons.

“Once Kevin and I experienced Toastique as customers while sitting down with Brianna and Kyle in D.C., we both knew we were in the right place,” says Krista.

Do they have any advice for fellow entrepreneurs? Krista’s succinct response sums up the couple’s focus, determination, and drive: “Be patient. It can be a long process.” 

Healthy Goals for a Healthy Franchise

As Opening Day draws nearer and nearer for Krista and Kevin, the couple looks forward to what they consider one of the most important things about owning a healthy franchise like Toastique: “We can’t wait to provide something healthful and positive in our own community.”

Kevin and Krista are excellent role models for anyone thinking of becoming an entrepreneur and helping their community thrive in more ways than one. They are excited to introduce their neighborhood to Toastique’s unique offerings that include healthy gourmet toasts, açaí bowls, espresso drinks, and cold-pressed juices.

They are also encouraged by their potential for success, thanks to Toastique’s lean business model and multiple, easy-to-pivot revenue streams and flexible format. We are encouraged to welcome another amazing couple of Owners into our growing healthy franchise family, and can’t wait to see what Krista and Kevin accomplish!

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