Gear Up for New Year’s Resolution Season- Own a Healthy Food Franchise!


$800 billion! That’s how much the health and wellness sector grew between 1996 and 2016. With the events of the COVID-19 pandemic inspiring more people to eat healthier, we could be looking at $1 trillion or more in the coming years. 

Interestingly, Americans spend about $900,000 on avocado toasts every month, a massive jump from $17,000 back in 2014. So, the time for investors in the health and wellness sector to ride the wave of health-consciousness is now.

Experts argue that health-conscious businesses like Toastique are recession-resilient. Understandably, people are likely to prioritize healthy living even amid an economic downturn. So, expect Toastique and other health-conscious all-natural meal businesses to trend.

So, what is Toastique? 

Toastique is a wellness-focused gourmet café with all-natural smoothies, healthy customizable snacks, and cold-pressed juices. 

What Do We Mean by Wellness-Focused Meals?

We believe that healthy meals should be fun to prepare, attractive to present to customers, and nutrient-packed. That’s what drives us at Toastique, and here are some of our classic meals: 

All-natural smoothies and cold-pressed juices – These fruit blends and veggies squash are perfect refreshments for your customers. They can order as post-workout treats, morning refreshers, or in-between meal snacks. 

Customizable gourmet toasts – We take toast preparation to the next level with our gourmet toasts. These in-house snacks feature all-organic ingredients that offer customers healthy nutrients to get them through the day and boost their immunity.

Should You Become a Toastique Franchise Owner? 

2021 is quickly folding up, and customers cannot help but make resolutions for 2022. Expectedly, health and fitness are taking center stage, which presents Toastique Franchise Owners with the perfect opportunity to make meaningful returns on investment. 

That’s how Brianna Keefe, the woman behind Toastique, started. 

Brianna was passionate about creating a healthy grab-and-go all-natural meal, and the culmination was Toastique. 

Two years after launching, the flagship Toastique made over a million dollars with zero marketing expenses. We now have four locations up and running in  Washington, D.C., along with a recently-opened location in Stone Harbor, New Jersey. Café construction is underway for all-new Toastique locations in Denver, Austin, Las Vegas, Reno, Orlando, and Balboa Island, California…and it’s only the beginning! We’ve only been franchising since 2020 and have already awarded 24 Toastique locations to 10 new Franchise Owners across the United States.

healthy breakfast franchise Toastique

Here’s why you should be part of our growth: 


Make Money

The primary goal of any healthy food franchise business is to make money, and Toastique is no exception. After exceeding our initial goal in our original location and doing well in a few other places, we’ve no doubt our branches will make a good return on investment. 

In 2019, as we mentioned, our sales eclipsed the $1 million mark with zero marketing expenses. Our Franchise Owners remained profitable through 2020 and 2021 despite the pandemic, and we anticipate an even more successful 2022. 

Create Multiple Income Streams 

Toastique allows you to diversify and create multiple income streams. You can offer take-outs, home deliveries, dine-in service, and even catering, which means more avenues to make more money. So, the potentials of earning with Toastique are much higher than with a franchise with more limited revenue streams. 

Promote Healthy Living 

Like our Founder Brianna Keefe, you can own a Toastique healthy food franchise to become a bonafide health and wellness promoter in your community. 

Healthy living is a surging trend, and just about everyone wants to make it a part of their New Year’s resolution. So, make it YOUR resolution to serve your community with our all-natural smoothies, gourmet toasts, and juices!

Less Overhead

Thanks to our simple operations and small footprint, the ramp-up period for Toastique Franchise Owners is much more swift than for the owner of a typical fast-casual restaurant.  

You don’t need expensive equipment like an oven or fryer, and you also don’t need an intricate design to set up your business. Our expert construction manager and CFO, Kyle Izett, and his team will guide you accordingly to ensure you have everything you need to get up and running quickly and efficiently.

Low-Risk Investment

For an investment starting at just $280,000, you can invest in a Toastique healthy food franchise and start reaping the financial and emotional rewards from helping your community eat healthier. So, the risk is much smaller than what many franchise businesses face, especially in the restaurant industry! 

Even better, we choose our locations keenly to ensure our Franchise Owners make meaningful returns on investment. We can help you discern the neighborhoods with the best potential for revenue and traffic in your area so you can have the highest chance for success with your Toastique café.

Our Promise

We promise a smooth process to help you set up your Toastique in the most prime location. 

Here’s what we offer our investors: 

Intensive Training 

We offer an initial 2-week intensive course on running Toastique and tracking its success. The course equips you with everything you need to start this business. 

Field Support 

Our expert construction manager Kyle Izett and his team will offer you the necessary assistance throughout the construction. Our construction team of experts will ensure your overheads are below the marketplace. 

Marketing Support 

We don’t leave you just after helping you set up the business. We also go a step further to help you make it noticeable and popular on Opening Day and beyond. 

Our marketing team offers you the necessary assistance to draw traffic to your business. Through our expert online marketers, we’ll help you reach a wider audience.


We don’t stop at offering marketing support. We also provide ongoing support as your business grows by making bi-monthly calls, organizing annual meetings, and sending occasional newsletters. Additionally, we offer seasonal promotions and events as a form of providing ongoing support. 

Meanwhile, our customer support phone lines are always open 24 hours to provide Franchise Owners with all the necessary assistance when they call.

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So, How Much Does a Toastique Franchise Cost? 

Unlike most other franchise businesses, Toastique is not capital-intensive. You can start with an initial investment of $280,750 and pay a franchise fee of $45,000. You will, however, need a liquid capital of $150,000. 

You can check here to see our investment breakdown, including equipment, furniture, insurance, and initial inventory. Depending on location, you may see a return on your investment in as few as 12-16 months.

Make 2022 the Year of Toastique in Your Community!

If you’ve always dreamed of opening a chic, beautiful café that serves healthy, delicious food, now’s your chance! We’re currently awarding franchises in cities across the U.S., and are selling out fast in major markets. Visit our franchise website today to get started on your Franchise Discovery Process and see how owning a healthy food franchise with Toastique can be the right career move for you. If your New Year’s resolution is to be your own boss and leave the corporate grind behind, it’s time to get started!

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