Get Ready, Sunshine State- Here Comes Toastique!

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For the first time in the history of our healthy restaurant franchise, Toastique is hitting Florida!

And who better to lead the charge than a family with decades of experience in the quick-serve restaurant industry? The Lojos – father Arturo and son Adrian – will be at the helm of affairs, with Adrian overseeing day-to-day operations in an owner-operator capacity, as the country’s most-talked-about healthy restaurant franchise opens its first Florida location in Orlando. 

The family history is a history of hard work and dedication. While in their native Venezuela, Arturo Lojo was in banking and then branched out to the restaurant industry. He managed a popular chain of fast-food restaurants for two decades before moving to the U.S. to manage more of their stores in Florida.

Training from teenage

“A lot of hard work and strong work ethic” is how Adrian Lojo describes his family of entrepreneurs. As they introduce Toastique to Florida, Arturo has entrusted his son to be in charge as the Franchise Owner. He has been working alongside his father since he was 12. 

Starting in the kitchen making fries and burgers not only trained Adrian to learn and experience all aspects of the business but gave him a genuine perspective of the industry. Slowly his father started giving him more responsibilities and Adrian started running the registers. He understood the key to the success of any fast food restaurant. “It was about understanding the people,” Adrian says.  

The search for a more meaningful enterprise

The Lojos also manage a brand of convenience stores that they acquired around two years ago. That gave them more insights into the purchasing habits of people. But while the businesses were profitable, the family felt the need to venture into something that resonated with the changing aspirations of their customers. 

They wanted to look for a business that “made sense beyond the economic and business standpoint and at a personal level.” “We were looking for alternatives that fit more into our personal priorities,” the new Franchise Owner says. That’s when they found Toastique. 

The healthy restaurant franchise checked all the boxes. The product was unique, the identity was aspirational, the business model was profitable, and the franchise brand was in sync with the changing priorities of the consumers. The whole package immensely appealed to the Lojos. They realized that Toastique was the franchise brand they would like to partner with.

So, how did Adrian know that Toastique would be it? He sums it up like this: “If I had a Toastique two minutes from my house, I know I would be there all the time.”

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Toastique – Beyond trends and fads

With decades of experience in the restaurant industry, the Lojos have seen many fads come and go, and know the importance of a sustainable idea. They were clear that they didn’t want to join the latest bandwagon in fast food. They wanted to invest in something that had long-term potential in a market that will only grow bigger. 

As Adrian points out, “There are both hype trends and secular trends in food. Health and nutrition is a secular trend.” He realized that because it’s about one of the fundamental needs and in alignment with consumer concerns across the country and the world, a brand rooted in authentic, nutritious, and tasty food will be here to stay. 

With greater awareness, there will be greater demand for a brand like Toastique. The events of the past 18 months have shown us that we need to invest in personal health and nutrition. According to Adrian, “There’s a rising belief that we should start paying attention to our health and what we put into our bodies.” 

But there’s consumer resistance to health and nutrition because, unfortunately, most healthy food found in restaurants is bland and uninspiring. That’s where Toastique redefined the category. The healthy restaurant franchise with its delicious toasts, açaí bowls, and cold-pressed juices proved that food can be both nutritious and delectable.

Making it happen

Admittedly for Adrian, “it didn’t come down to a moment of genius” when he met the Founders. He wasn’t swept off his feet. Like any seasoned entrepreneur, Adrian analyzed the performance and conviction of the team. And he was impressed by what Founder Brianna Keefe and CFO/Director of Construction Kyle Izett had achieved. 

“They’re just two young people. They have a great idea and they’re there, they’re pushing forward and trying to make it happen.” That’s how Adrian describes Brianna and Kyle. He loved the fact that they had the confidence to execute the idea. Importantly, they did it many times over and under challenging circumstances. 

For someone who’s been in the restaurant industry since that summer when he was 12, that’s an important distinction. Ideas are far too common. But conviction and consistency are something else. He was thoroughly impressed by the effort and commitment of the team. Adrian adds, “That brings me more comfort and security because you realize that it’s not a one-time thing.”

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Awaiting people’s reaction

What’s our latest Franchise Owner looking forward to as the big day nears? For Adrian, it’s related to people. “I want to see how it reverberates and impacts the guests. I want to see their initial reaction.” That’s because, as a concept, Toastique isn’t a concept that is commonly seen in Florida at the moment. So, as he puts it, he is looking forward to the “pleasant surprises on the customers’ faces.”

The other thing Adrian is thinking about is how his team will feel when they open. Adrian is excited about seeing that “feeling of accomplishment and teamwork” among his team members. 

For this Franchise Owner, it all comes down to the product and that’s the reason he’s so confident. “The toast. It tastes just as good as it looks.”

Join Adrian in the healthy restaurant franchise movement –  Own a Toastique!

If you’re an entrepreneur who would like to partner with a franchise brand that’s reimagining brunch through delicious toasts and cold-pressed juices, this is your chance. With a lean business model and proven track record, Toastique is inviting potential Franchise Owners. Click here to learn more.

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