Michele Wardius Is Bringing Toastique To Her Community!

Set within the suburbs of Philadelphia, King of Prussia, PA, is an excellent place for many reasons. It boasts the country’s third most prominent shopping mall, is home to the Justice Bell, and recently became the latest place to get its own Toastique locations.

That’s right – the region will be opening not one, not two, but three new restaurants – all thanks to new Franchise Owner Michele Wardius.

Read her story here and learn how she took the entrepreneurial plunge to become part of the Toastique franchising family.

As a wellness-oriented person, Michele appreciates the simple things in life. She enjoys activities that get her moving, like sports and fitness, and is always up for a hike or bike ride with friends and family. Like many Pennsylvanians, she’s also an incredibly hard worker, having dedicated herself to several careers and areas of work over the years.

Encapsulated initially by the world of retail, Michele’s post-secondary education was in fashion merchandising and business.

But like many of us, she didn’t end up doing what she went to school for and instead chose to take up the challenge of managing her husband’s dental offices for 20 years. She also got involved in real estate, selling it for eight years.

The unique skill set she developed in these roles has come in handy repeatedly as she’s tackled different personal and professional challenges.

It was also what drove her interest in franchising opportunities when she began looking for a new adventure to take on.

Michele wanted to find a healthy, active, and community-based franchise in search of something that would put her interests, abilities, and values to good use.

She also wanted something that would give her the chance to be her own boss, have more control over her time, and a dependable paycheck – which was a big deal for her due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

She also wanted an option that would reflect her passions for wellness and fitness and incorporate her family and community.

After some research, she came across Toastique, a healthy and boutique restaurant brand that emphasized the importance of healthy, on-the-go, and gourmet meal options.

At first glance, it seemed to tick off all of the boxes – a welcoming, positive culture with several potential opportunities and ways to get started. Its style also appealed to her, considering how her daughter already made much of the same type of food at home.

New Gourmet Toast franchise opens in Highlands Ranch, CO

But before going all the way, she wanted to take diligence and ensure it would be the right fit. After looking into the brand more, Michele decided to reach out to our team to get more information on becoming a franchisee.

She was given all the information and resources she needed to learn more about the endeavor and was invited to experience a ‘Discovery Day’ to get a first-hand feel of running a Toastique restaurant.

Dupont Circle Toastique

One of the things that stood out to her the most upon walking through the door was Toastique’s approach to making its food – she was amazed to see no industrial kitchen in sight. Instead, there was a focus on healthy, made-to-order meals with an emphasis on organic and locally sourced ingredients.

This was a massive appeal for her. One of Michele’s main conditions when getting into the casual food industry was a setup that emphasized the value of natural food and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

She loved that Toastique embodied this in its operational processes and the environment it provided customers. Lacking the everyday “tacky franchise look” that many other large-scale restaurants had,  Toastique’s stores had a modern, sleek design that was unique and stood out.

During her ‘Discovery Day’, Michele met with founders Bree and Kyle and clicked with them. Sharing many of the same values and priorities, she felt at home with the team and knew that this was something she could see herself being a part of. With their careful selection of owners and a focus on quality over quantity, she knew that the company would only continue to grow and succeed.

After meeting the team, touring the facilities, and getting to ask questions, Michele decided that she wanted in on Toastique. She loved that there was so much support provided – from detailed training programs to access to an online community of other Toastique franchisees – and knew that this was something she could grow with.

Within a few short months, Michele had signed on as a Toastique franchisee and was ready to get her store up and to run. She was given all the resources she needed to get started and felt confident in her decision to join the brand.

And when it comes to her success in the process, she’s confident she’ll be successful. Crediting “a lot of time and positive energy, backing from family and passion about healthy living,” she is optimistic that her Toastique will quickly become a staple in the community.

Michele’s hard work and business-savvy mind have been instrumental in making her Toastique journey a success so far. She’s currently in the process of opening three new restaurant locations in King of Prussia, and we can’t wait to see her make waves in the world of healthy eating!


If you’re like Michele and are looking for a franchise opportunity that is supportive, values-based, and has a strong focus on healthy living, Toastique may be the perfect fit for you. Visit our website to learn more about the brand and what it takes to become a franchisee.