Healthy Restaurant Franchise Founder Receives Top Industry Honors

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Industry Insiders Celebrate Toastique CEO Brianna Keefe as Healthy Restaurant Franchise Whiz Kid!

It’s not just customers who have fallen in love with the healthy restaurant franchise that Brianna Keefe, the Founder of Toastique started. Industry insiders are also now celebrating the whiz kid who has redefined brunch and reimagined a classic breakfast side dish as an exciting and nutritious main course.

Two renowned franchise industry publications, Franchise Dictionary Magazine, and 1851 Franchise, recently honored Brianna for her innovative and healthy fast-casual concept and the ever-growing popularity of Toastique. This is another feather in the cap for the Founder, who has become one of the most successful and inspiring entrepreneurs in the fast-casual restaurant sector.

Each October, Franchise Dictionary Magazine releases its ‘Women of Wonder’ issue celebrating prominent women in franchising who are making an impact. The list honors female entrepreneurs whose work is both unique and impactful. This year, the magazine chose Brianna as someone who is making her mark in the industry.

As one of 1851 Franchise’s ‘Young Ones to Watch,’ Brianna is also one of the industry superstars under the age of 40. The entrepreneur who has won the hearts of both customers and Franchise Owners is now being recognized by the industry for what she has already achieved and what she is planning to do.

Pursuing Her Passion

Some people get into the restaurant industry by accident after trying out other careers. But for Brianna, hospitality was her calling. Her first job was in a restaurant and it was love at first sight. 

But she knew that she required professional training and in-depth knowledge of how to run a business. So she majored in hospitality management with a minor in business.“I always found myself in the hospitality sector,” as Brianna says.

The primary reason for that is that she was always a people-oriented person, as anyone who has ever worked with her would know. “Interacting with people all day is what I love,” she says with a smile. But she didn’t want to start just another quick-service restaurant, the kind that has flooded the market and buried Americans under unhealthy choices. She wanted to combine two of her passions– food and health– and create something unique, healthy, and suited to the demands of health-conscious consumers with active lifestyles.

The result was Toastique.

Reimagining an American Classic

The brand elevates toast, a classic but often bland side dish, into a health-focused power meal. Toastique has elegantly reinterpreted traditional toast as a perfect on-the-go fuel-up that is pleasing to the taste buds as well as the eye. Toasts have never looked this sumptuous, creative, or healthy. 

It’s not just through gourmet toasts that Toastique has differentiated itself. There are also açaí bowls, cold-pressed juices, and all-natural smoothies. It’s this combination, that too in a comfortable grab-and-go format, that has worked wonders for the brand.

For Brianna, however, the initial store was her passion project. She never considered that one day the brand would be highly sought-after by similarly passionate franchise investors. It was the “positively overwhelming feedback” from customers that encouraged her to think about franchising in the first place. 

Plus, she always knew that the product was only part of the magic of Toastique. It was the experience that she was obsessed with. Everything from the presentation of the food to the interior decor to the demeanor of the staff was crucial to delivering customer delight. 

She constantly reminds the team that “the environment and atmosphere should be unlike any other quick-service restaurant.” To recreate that, she knew she couldn’t be in 50 or 100 locations at once. That’s when she actively considered the franchising route. 

She knew that she needed to find the right individuals with the right purpose and spirit. But she wasn’t in a hurry to expand and profit. She didn’t want to grow fast or recklessly because that would have diluted the Toastique brand experience.

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The Future of Fast-Casual Dining

So, what kind of Franchise Owner does Brianna want to partner with? According to her, Toastique has always “looked for people with the same passion, people who’re gonna take care of the brand” as much as she does.

She loves meeting other entrepreneurs with similar passions. Helping them realize their potential is her greatest reward. “We’ll help you with the resources, the recipes, and everything you need,” Brianna assures would-be Franchise Owners who also want to make a difference in the restaurant sector with a healthy fast-casual brand. 

What’s validating for Toastique as a brand is that Franchise Owners want to open more. That proves that the lean business model with an endearing customer experience has worked across markets.

It’s that uniqueness that has helped Toastique successfully weather the pandemic. As people got more health-conscious, they wanted to avoid traditional junk food and opt for wholesome food choices. 

Plus, the fact that the brand has several delivery formats, including, dine-in and takeout, helped it grow when the entire industry faced one of its darkest periods. What also helped is the diverse revenue model of Toastique. Franchise Owners can also offer catering to increase their cash flow.

Brianna’s Advice to Franchise Owners

So, what does the industry superstar have to say to entrepreneurs looking for franchising opportunities? “Choose your partner wisely,” Brianna is quick to reply. She warns entrepreneurs against partnering with brands that promise a lot in the short run. This, as Brianna says, is a long-term business. 

What you need is a partner who will share the opportunities, challenges, and best practices they would have learned along the way. That will help you make the best of available resources and avoid the mistakes others would have made. 

But more importantly, potential Franchise Owners should choose a partner who’ll be interested and invested in their success. They should enable entrepreneurs to succeed and grow by unlocking their potential and providing all necessary support.  

“You’re signing up for a 30-year relationship,” Brianna reminds entrepreneurs. “Your passion and values should align. So, partner with those who care.”

If you want to join this successful group of entrepreneurs who are discovering the potential of a healthy restaurant franchise through Toastique, this is your opportunity. Click here to learn how Brianna and her team can help you succeed as a Franchise Owner and live a life of freedom from the 9-to-5.

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