GRAND OPENING! Our Healthy Restaurant Franchise Opens its DuPont Circle Location

What was special about September 25, 2021? That’s the day Toastique opened its fourth Washington D.C. location, in the DuPont Circle neighborhood! That’s right, our nation’s capital city now has four outlets of the healthy restaurant franchise that’s redefining brunch.

The newest location is at 1899 N St NW and has already started getting rave reviews The DuPont Circle location joins other D.C.-area Toastique locations in the Wharf, Old Town Alexandria, and Navy Yard neighborhoods, as well as a new location in Stone Harbor, NJ, which opened this past summer. In addition to the Toastique cafés already in operation, quite a few more are scheduled to open their doors in 2022, in markets such as Las Vegas, Denver, Austin, and Orlando!

Dupont Circle Toastique

Triumph Amid a Challenging Year

There are several reasons why this news is special. To begin with, the restaurant industry has been through one of its most challenging periods over the past year and a half. Unfortunately, many established names have had to suspend their operations or shut down permanently. Customers have been naturally worried about eating out and spending time in crowded places. Those restaurants that couldn’t accommodate these health concerns were in trouble as the uncertainty over social distancing refused to go away. 

In such difficult circumstances, where it’s exceedingly difficult for restaurants to stay open, here’s a brand that’s opening outlets regularly! How is Toastique doing it? Because this isn’t just another restaurant. This isn’t another brunch place. This is a healthy restaurant franchise that’s markedly different from the way others serve brunch. This isn’t fast food that compromises a family’s health. This is healthy fast-casual food suited for health-conscious customers who are growing in numbers every day.

Dupont Circle Toastique

Taking Toast to New Heights

The second reason for the brand’s phenomenal growth is that what you find at Toastique is something you won’t find anywhere else. Our Founder, Brianna Keefe, didn’t want to roll out fast food that customers were already familiar with. She took a classic staple of every American household, good old toast, and reimagined it. Toastique has elevated toast from the sidelines and recreated it as a healthy power meal. The gourmet toasts at this healthy restaurant franchise deliver a convenient and wholesome meal that no other fast-casual restaurant has been able to deliver. 

But it’s not just gourmet toast that the brand is known for. Our loyal customers love our açaí bowls and cold-pressed juices, and we’ve just rolled out a new espresso bar menu in select locations (more on that in a minute!) Toastique is designed for those customers who have active and healthy lifestyles. These are individuals who know that traditional fast-food restaurants are about speed and not health. While this group was growing even before the pandemic, the past 18 months or so have added more people to this consumer group.

Dupont Circle Toastique

Not Just Toast- a Work of Art!

Another reason why Toastique has grown so remarkably well is that it combines health with artistry. As our customers have found out, everything from the food presentation to interior decor has been designed for an elevated customer experience. In other words, Toastique is highly Instagrammable! How do we know that?

Well, without the services of any advertising or digital marketing agency the brand has been consistently growing and engaging with our audiences on Instagram.In a world where everyone’s after social media influencers, it’s Toastique’s customers who have been sharing the gourmet toasts and cold-pressed juices on social media. In that sense, our customers are our influencers.

healthy food franchise

Convenience and Scalability

Toastique’s delivery model is also exceptionally customer-friendly. People can dine in, take their gourmet toasts, bowls, and juices with them, or get them delivered. This flexibility was extremely convenient for customers during the pandemic. 

The brand also has a lean business model with several revenue streams. The objective is to enable a Franchise Owner to get started without incurring unnecessary expenses. The Toastique executive team will share all the best practices on how to structure the outlet to create the right ambiance without losing the unique brand identity. 

The multiple revenue streams ensure that Franchise Owners aren’t tied to any one source. Other than dine-in, grab-and-go, and delivery, Toastique also offers catering opportunities. This makes this healthy restaurant franchise concept highly scalable in a neighborhood.

The advantages of franchising brings smiles to the faces of Toastique owners.

Personalized Franchise Support

Finally, Brianna and the leadership team are always there to help Franchise Owners every step of the way. All Franchise Owners are given adequate training on not just the product but also on hiring and training their staff. The corporate team also ensures that Franchise Owners can find stable vendors to depend upon for quality locally grown ingredients. This support has been highly helpful for the brand’s Franchise Owners, especially in the initial months. That’s why the brand’s Franchise Owners want to open more outlets, which is a stellar endorsement for Brianna and the team. With several new Owners slated to open multiple locations in their communities in 2022, the Toastique footprint is quickly growing across the U.S.!

One of the most special features about the new DuPont Circle location is that this is the first Toastique to feature an espresso bar. If it continues to perform as well as it has so far, the espresso bar may become a regular part of the Toastique menu in all locations. Our Franchise Owners love being on the ground floor of a new healthy restaurant franchise and working alongside the Toastique Executive Team to help build our brand by testing out new ideas and products. Contributing opinions and suggestions for new products is just another way that our Owners are helping to shape the Toastique healthy restaurant franchise experience!

Healthy food franchise in New Jersey

A Healthy Restaurant Franchise For the Future

So, how has the new location in the DuPont Circle neighborhood performed so far? Glad you asked! After just two weeks of operation, the latest Toastique outlet had sold 886 toasts, 595 smoothies, 394 açaí bowls, 595 juices, and 429 espresso drinks. The newest kid on the block has already made a mark!

What makes it special is that this tremendous response was achieved with hardly any marketing help. Our existing customers did the job for us! Toastique healthy food franchise fans who already love our other Washington, D.C. locations were excited to turn out and visit our newest café, telling their friends, colleagues, and family members in the process! If you’re an entrepreneur looking to start something in the fast-casual restaurant sector, this is your time to break the mold and open a healthy food franchise like Toastique. Customers are craving healthy options and Toastique fills the largely unmet need for nutritious food on the go.

Our business model has been designed to get Franchise Owners to be stable and profitable as early as possible and to keep them that way no matter what curveballs get thrown their way. Our success during the COVID-19 shutdowns is a testament to how easy-to-pivot our franchise model is, and how simple it is for Franchise Owners to operate with limited staff. 

Click here to start your successful journey with the healthy restaurant franchise that’s winning the hearts of customers and Franchise Owners.

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