What Kind of Neighborhood Does Our Toast Franchise Thrive In?

It’s difficult to believe that Toastique has only been awarding toast franchise locations in cities across the United States for a year now. Looking at the growth of our Franchise Owners, the interest we’ve had from entrepreneurs around the country, and the phenomenal response from our customers, you might think that we’ve been around for ages. Since its establishment in 2018, Toastique has grown by leaps and bounds since first franchising in 2020. 

The importance of the right location

A crucial factor that has led to the success of the brand is the neighborhoods it operates in. Unlike other fast-casual franchises, Toastique is not interested in a wild spree of store openings with little understanding of the target market and their connection to the brand’s identity and mission. 

Of course, the other unique attributes of the brand also help Toastique win the hearts and minds of customers. Delectable gourmet sandwiches, cold-pressed juices, and açaí bowls have always been a crowd favorite. 

Their beautiful, Instagrammable look coupled with the fact that they’re supremely healthy gets Toastique enviable brand recognition without having to spend much on marketing.

Then, there’s the rustic and boutique charm of each store that elevates the experience. When you learn that everything’s made from locally sourced ingredients for a convenient grab-and-go format, you understand why Toastique’s growing so incredibly well. 

But along with all that, what makes it work is the curated list of regions it operates in. Our Founder, Brianna Keefe, has always believed that Toastique should be selective about which markets it opens in so that it doesn’t sully the brand image, or, importantly, hurt the profit potential of our hardworking Franchise Owners. 

Therefore, the team works had to ensure that there is a brand-fit between Toastique and the market to which it caters. From the successes of the existing stores, the brand has developed some insights about the ideal neighborhood for a Toastique outlet. If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to partner with the brand and become a Franchise Owner, here’s how you can spot the right neighborhood for your operations.

Signs of an Excellent Toastique Neighborhood


Well populated

A brand like Toastique works better in densely populated residential areas. These could be close to offices, universities, colleges, hotels, or other commercial centers. The key here is that the outlet should be in an area that naturally sees high foot traffic. A place frequented by tourists is also well-suited for a Toastique outlet.

It also means that the location shouldn’t be on highways or places with little routine traffic. Customers shouldn’t be expected to go out of their way to find a Toastique.

Predominantly white-collar

The target consumer of Toastique is educated and middle to upper-middle class. This doesn’t mean that others don’t frequent our outlets. What it means is that typically, our brand flourishes in and around communities populated by professionals. 

The primary reason could be that what we offer is unmatched in the industry. That requires a rethinking of the traditional choices for the individual and their families. It also means that people who are aware of better options – and those who demand them – prefer Toastique.

Health-conscious mindset

One primary distinguishing aspect of a Toastique customer is that they’re more aware of the need for healthy food and lifestyles. These are not individuals who’re wedded to their couches and continue consuming countless calories every day. No, the brand is decidedly for those individuals who demand healthier breakfast and brunch choices.

So, the ideal Toastique neighborhood would have health clubs, fitness centers, Pilates studios, or yoga studios. Even if the store is in a commercial center, there will be some of these health and wellness spots nearby. We’ve also noted that several of our regulars pick up their cold-pressed juices after their workouts and have integrated Toastique into their routines. 

healthy food franchise

Outdoorsy Community

Another standout feature of our franchise locations is that the members of our communities love being outdoors. It could be a coastal borough with waterfronts or a downtown district with its walkaways. Whatever it is, the neighborhood is typically one that incentivizes and celebrates people spending time outdoors.

This has both practical and behavioral advantages for a Franchise Owner. If people spend more time outdoors, they’re more likely to interact with the brand and become its customers. What’s important is that these are not transient consumers but people who go outdoors as part of their routine. 

As we’ve seen from our existing outlets, our customer retention is assuredly high. The fact that they’re more likely to be out at the same place next week assures our Franchise Owners of regular repeat purchases.

Secondly, those who spend time outdoors, whether on walks, jogs, trails, or hikes, are also usually health-conscious. These are not individuals who would choose the same old calorie-filled offerings from the traditional fast-casual chains. They would want something healthier, something that matches their lifestyles.

Tourist Destinations

We’ve also noticed from the success of our Franchise Owners that the brand works well if the neighborhood or a nearby area is a vacation spot.  It need not be a top tourist destination but one that draws crowds regularly. It can also be a seasonal haven where people flock to their second homes during the summer. 

From our outlet at The Wharf in Washington, D.C. to the one at the famed Jersey Shore, this has been an unmissable element to the success of our stores. Perhaps it’s the uniqueness of the menu that visitors usually can’t find in their hometowns or their daily lives. Or, the reason could be that the rustic and quaint charm of Toastique appeals to those looking for something authentic and meaningful.

Toastique brunch franchise Founder Brianna Keefe

Do you have a toast franchise location in mind?

Maybe it’s where you grew up or went to college. Or it could be near where you work or vacation. But if you have a location in mind, we can help you become a successful entrepreneur as a Toastique Franchise Owner. 

We will give you all the necessary guidance and offer exclusivity for an approximately two-mile radius so that you don’t end up competing with other Franchise Owners. To know more and to live the life of your dreams, click here.

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