More Than Just a Toast Franchise – How Toastique Is Changing the Face of Fast-Casual Dining


After an exceptionally challenging year, the restaurant industry is finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Government benefits, rising employment, increasing disposable income, and the massive pent-up demand from the pandemic months are fueling this growth. For the industry, including toast franchises, things are about to look much better.

Not all restaurants were affected the same way during the pandemic. Some sectors like breakfast franchises were able to weather the storm better than others. That’s due to the inherent advantages and efficiencies they offer through the adoption of technology. Quick service restaurants (QSRs), with digital ordering, takeaway-friendly menus, and strict adherence to hygiene protocols stand to benefit from the growth in the industry

Plus, formal dinner or fine-dining establishments will still have to wait for customers to feel confident about indoor dining. Franchises specializing in brunch or breakfast will have an advantage over other restaurants in this new reality. 

That doesn’t mean all breakfast franchises or QSRs will grow at the same level. Some have distinct differences that place them well above the rest. Toastique, for example, has not only made a mark among breakfast franchises but is also redefining fast-casual dining. It isn’t just a toast franchise; it’s an economical, consumer-friendly, and future-oriented concept that’s been proven in several markets.

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How Toastique is different from the rest

The ordinary breakfast or brunch franchise specializes in speedy delivery of the same dishes. The focus is not on reimagining the menu, creatively approaching it, or making it healthy but churning out more and more of the same. Toastique is different because it has made the universally common toast a gourmet dish through exceptional creativity. 

Gourmet creations

There’s toast and then there’s Toastique! Rather than the plain old boring kind of toast served as a side dish at most breakfast and brunch spots, Toastique offers creative renditions of the concept. Whether it’s the Greek version or the Avocado Smash, Toastique’s offerings are distinct and effortlessly appealing. The toasts are customizable gourmet creations served on wood cutting boards for added appeal.

It’s not just the gourmet toasts that have got customers rallying behind the brand. The smoothies and acai bowls are unlike anything you’ll find at any ordinary casual dining or breakfast outlet. The fresh juices and toasts stand out from the crowd because of the attention to detail that has gone into them.


Rustic & chic 

Think of any standard breakfast or brunch chain and you’ll think of the same interiors. Again, the focus is on familiarity and speed rather than creativity or character. This results in uninspiring and bland exteriors and interiors. Sophisticated design and interiors seem to be the monopoly of only fine dining businesses.

Toastique destroys that cliche. Its interiors are rustic and chic. The aim is to deliver the ambiance of a boutique restaurant rather than a speedy brunch service. From the wood cutting boards to the color scheme inside, Toastique creates a brand experience that’s premium and refined but one that’s also affordable.

Healthy menu

While before there was a discernible trend toward healthy eating, the pandemic has added pace to it. There’s widespread awareness of the dangers of unbalanced eating habits. Now the focus is on the consumption of wholesome and healthy food, especially, when ordering from outside. Toastique will gain from this consumer movement because the brand was created to fill that need gap. 

Toastique Founder Brianna Keefe, while in college, realized that almost all the breakfast or brunch restaurants were demonstrably unhealthy. She wanted to create a restaurant that would deliver healthy meals that could be made and consumed quickly. With Toastique, she proved that health, convenience, and speed could co-exist. 

Healthy cold-pressed juices, delicious and wholesome smoothies, and of course, creative toasts were what she came up with in reply to the prevailing unhealthy menus of major fast-food chains. And consumers flocked to her Washington, D.C. outlet for this unique and healthy combination.

Locally sourced

More and more consumers are aware of the need for sustainable practices in the restaurant industry. They demand that the outlets serving them adhere to policies that will help the local economies in which they operate. The other fast-dining restaurant chains can’t meet those customer expectations as they have centralized procurement and distribution. 

Their focus is on uniformity rather than flexibility. In their efforts to offer standardized menus with little room for customization, there’s little room for local suppliers. But it’s different at Toastique. 

The advantages of franchising brings smiles to the faces of Toastique owners.

As the brand likes to say, no ingredient comes out of a package at Toastique. The Franchise Owners use locally sourced ingredients, ensuring that the brand is rooted in the place it operates.

Universal appeal

This is a significant difference between Toastique and almost all fast-casual chains, whether they specialize in breakfast or dinner. The other chains are decidedly focused on a particular set of customers, whether it is families or working professionals. Toastique, because of its varied, wholesome menu and chic and rustic appeal, delights all customer groups.

For those who go to health clubs, cold-pressed juices are an excellent post-workout option. For parents looking for a healthy and nutritious brunch for their kids, the brand offers delicious toasts. For those on a strict diet who still crave something sweet, açaí bowls are irresistible.

Customer-friendly format

The usual brunch outlets focus mostly on a dine-in format to accommodate as many families as possible. While this may have worked years ago, it’s not suited for the post-pandemic shifts in customer behaviors. 

There’s increasing demand for contactless interactions at restaurants. Due to credible fears about the spread of communicable diseases like COVID-19, customers want to limit their contact with large crowds. This doesn’t bode well for the traditional establishments. 

Toastique is poised to reap the benefits of this shift in consumer expectations. The brand has a grab-and-go format that benefits both delivery and takeout options. Plus, digital ordering has always been an option at Toastique that makes it the ideal candidate to serve the demands of a post-pandemic world. 

The format also ensures that consumers can fit their consumption into their routines. Someone coming from a workout can easily order a cold-pressed juice or smoothie and either enjoy it there or take it home. 

Own a Toastique Franchise

Toastique is successfully disrupting the fast-casual breakfast and brunch industry with its unique and healthy menu, chic ambiance, and consumer-friendly formats. You too can become a Franchise Owner with an initial investment of $280,750 and gain from the brand’s popularity without spending anything on marketing.

The brand’s clutter-breaking proposition and an exceptionally efficient business model also include multiple revenue streams including dine-in, takeout, delivery, and catering. 

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