This Denver Couple is Bringing Our Healthy Food Franchise to the Mile High City!

At times, all it takes is an internet search for you to turn your lifelong passion into reality. That’s exactly what happened to Brett and Sherry Freedman of Denver. Brett did an online search for “healthy food franchise” and now, he and Sherry will be leading Toastique’s expansion into Colorado with three locations in Denver. 

That’s right, not one, not two, but three locations! And to think that it all began with Brett typing those three words on Google!

Passionate about health and community

The fact that they are starting a healthy food franchise shouldn’t be surprising to anyone who knows this Denver couple. For Brett, a technical account manager at Amazon Web Services, and Sherry, a retail district manager, food has always been a passion, along with traveling and working out. 

They were looking for a business opportunity that matched their healthy lifestyle. In Toastique they found the perfect match. Now this health-conscious couple can share utterly delicious healthy food options with their community. As they say, “Healthy, delicious food can brighten up anyone’s day.”

While they enjoy discovering the world, what they equally love is staying home and enjoying time with their family. Brett has also been coaching youth sports, including, football, basketball, and lacrosse for over a decade. That sense of being involved with the community was a major factor in their decision to choose a healthy food franchise. 

Along with the passion to serve the community, the couple has oodles of drive. They didn’t start a business to take it easy- no way! They chose to become entrepreneurs so that they could “wake up and be excited to get out of bed and get to work.” While doing so, they want to have fun and share that infectious energy with others.


Finding the right partner

The Freedmans’ Google search led to communication with Hailey Hyde, Development Director at Toastique. The initial engagement was encouraging for Brett and Sherry because they weren’t merely looking for a profitable business idea. They were looking to find the right partner who matched their beliefs.

They found that Toastique’s emphasis on a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle matched theirs. They realized that it’s the kind of partnership where they could build a brand together. While doing so, they also knew that they would be connected to the community through the healthy and tasty food they serve. 

As they got to know more about the brand and how its Franchise Owners have performed, they realized that it would be a successful and fulfilling journey for them. It wouldn’t be an “either-or” situation where they would have to choose between their business or family. 

With the support of the Toastique corporate team and its Founders, and their lean, viable business model, the Franchise Owners would have time for both business and family. That immensely appealed to the couple who cherish the flexibility and the opportunity to build a better future for their kids.

healthy food franchise

“The right franchise at the right time”

Brett and Sherry love the delicious food and they love the uniqueness of the brand. Put simply, there isn’t any national or regional food franchise that specializes in healthy toasts, smoothies, or acai bowls. Toastique’s unique selling proposition is unrivaled in the industry. For the Denver couple, “It was the right franchise at the right time.”

Secondly, they also loved experiencing a Toastique store firsthand. The fact that the stores are open, clean, and welcoming impressed them. Thirdly, they were delighted with how impeccable the food presentation was. They understood that the unique and stringent brand standards are way above those of other fast or casual dining chains.  

The couple also noted the energy of the staff. The team seemed excited to work there. They were passionate and proud of the brand. This reflected in their service which seemed to delight the customers. Brett and Sherry found that many of them were repeat customers who were excited to give exceptional social media feedback.

“They get it”

That’s how Brett and Sherry describe the Founders, Brianna Keefe and Kyle Izett. The couple loved seeing the stores in person and meeting the Founders. They liked the fact that Brianna and Kyle are highly passionate and motivated entrepreneurs who are focused on delivering results. In other words, the Founders were people they would love to work with. 

Brett and Sherry saw that the Founders have the ability to take a vision and turn it into reality by focusing on what matters to the business. The hardworking couple isn’t the kind to jump into a business if they don’t feel the entire team is trustworthy and competent. But the Discovery Day allayed any doubts they might have had. Brett and Sherry loved the vibe and flow when they met the whole team. 

They found the synergy, passion, and drive to be incredibly infectious. They loved the fact that everyone works so well together and is knowledgeable and talented in their roles. Brett and Sherry loved that the team has strong communication skills and is willing to help anyone succeed.

That meeting made the Denver couple realize that they were with the right team to build a great business. The overall atmosphere, quality of food, and branding were enlightening and impressive to the new Franchise Owners. When they left DC, they couldn’t wait to open their first Toastique. 

“We wholeheartedly believe in this brand and collectively, we will deliver fabulous customer experiences,” the Freedmans say.

Brianna and Kyle made such an impression on the minds of the couple that they feel that Toastique will be in every US state and will even expand to international markets (Which the couple wants a slice of!) “We are looking to be the first Franchise Owners in some amazing country. That could be the early retirement plan!”


Take action and follow your passion

For the Freedmans, entrepreneurship is also a process to impart valuable lessons to their children. Through their hard work, dedication, and drive, they want to teach their children that “there are endless possibilities if you are willing to take action and follow your passion.” 

Brett and Sherry believe that they will be successful because of their passion, drive, and execution. And because they are not doing it just for the profits. They are doing it because they care about the community, health, and well-being of others. 

What do they have to tell other entrepreneurs wondering whether to do it? “Don’t be afraid to take action and follow your dreams.”

If you too want to follow your dreams and build a successful and fulfilling future that gives you freedom and flexibility, click here and see what it takes to become a Toastique Franchise Owner. The investment starts as low as $280,750.



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