Healthy eating isn’t just a trend. It’s a lifestyle and cultural movement that’s here to stay. The health food industry has grown steadily in recent years. The reason for this growth has a lot to do with the popularization of sustainably-sourced foods as well as the impact of younger generations who grew up with the idea that healthy eating is paramount to a fulfilling lifestyle. After all, healthy foods have been scientifically proven to decrease our chance of disease and make us feel physically better overall. And there’s something to be said about an industry about health being so lucrative and popular when the conversation about health foods tends to be misunderstood regarding taste. Take a look at the industry and how a healthy food franchise like Toastique is so successful.

Healthy Numbers In The Healthy Food Franchise Industry

Economically speaking, healthy food franchises like Toastique do very well even in times of economic downturns. During these times, people still prioritize their health so this can prove to be a recession-resilient business for you.

Easy financing is an incredible advantage of franchising with Toastique.

It’s been seen that Americans currently spend nearly $900,000 per month on healthy eating options. Seven years ago, Americans only spent $14,000 per month on healthy eating options.

Right now, the global market for health and wellness foods is estimated to be around $764 billion. That number is pretty good on its own, but it's projected that over a period of seven years from the year 2020, this number is going to reach over $1.1 trillion, growing at a CAGR of 4.8%! Not only is the health food industry looking successful itself, but this growth means incredible financial gains for those seeking a career within a healthy food franchise.

The events of the COVID-19 pandemic led to a change in consumer taste for healthy, organic and sustainably-sourced foods. This is because consumers, especially younger generations, have become more conscious of the relationship between good nutrition and overall health. It’s been shown that 41% of Generation Z and 32% of Millennials claim they would pay more if the food/menu consists of sustainably-sourced ingredients.

Why Healthy Eating Is Important

Healthy eating can be challenging for people who aren’t used to it. Changing consumers’ tastes isn’t an easy task. The most challenging aspect of introducing healthy eating into people’s lives is making healthy food taste “not healthy.” A lot of times the general consensus on healthy food is that it doesn’t taste good – like comparing a box of donuts to a plate of broccoli, it’s just not the same.

Contrary to this belief, healthy eating can be fun and delicious, you just need to look in the right places. Healthy eating also promotes better health for your body, such as reducing disease and promoting longevity. Healthy eating doesn’t need to be boring or tasteless – look at Toastique, for example. Toastique has built success on healthy eating without sacrificing on taste, quality or variety.

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Toastique’s Success: Breakfast And
Brunch Options

Why is Toastique a prime healthy food franchise opportunity? Well, Toastique understands that what the consumer of today wants is convenience without sacrificing quality. The consumers of today love that they can stop in for breakfast or brunch anytime and have it taste good for a great price. Toastique’s menu has variety without being boring. There’s nothing wrong with your standard breakfast of eggs and pancakes, but the consumers of today want something that’s energizing, wholesome, and filling all at the same time. Our menu and mission provide consumers with foods that will keep them going strong and feeling good throughout the day.

Toastique Is The Healthiest Fit For You

Seeing how the health food industry works and is proven to be financially lucrative, why wouldn’t you go with Toastique? Toastique knows that there are plenty of healthy food franchises out there, but none quite like us! We have the breakfast and brunch industry, the fruit juice and smoothie industry, as well as the healthy food industry in our market! We have the best of all the worlds you can think of.

Our franchise provides Franchise Owners with the support and the tools needed to succeed in the healthy food franchise world. Our economics are the perfect match for entrepreneurs who are passionate about promoting healthy living! A career with Toastique means experiencing the incredible benefits that the health food industry has to offer you.

If you feel that you are our ideal candidate, please contact us for more information. We are the prime franchise opportunity for those with a strong work ethic, excellent communication skills, and a background in business management. All of this coupled with the desire to promote healthy living and eating, makes you the perfect entrepreneur for the health food industry! Join the Toastique family today!