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Own one of the Fastest-Growing Health Food Franchises in the USA.


Initial Financial Investment


Company Owned and Franchise Outlets Average Gross Sales*

*Refer to 2024 Franchise Disclosure Document Item 19- Average Gross Sales combined Table 8


Toastique’s mission is to make healthy eating accessible, exciting, simple, and easy to enjoy.

A unique breakfast menu consisting of gourmet toast, cold-pressed juice, smoothies, smoothie bowls, hot drip, and nitro cold brew coffee, and espresso — all made using only fresh, seasonal, and responsibly sourced products — truly makes Toastique unlike any other health-focused franchise on Planet Earth. 

Gourmet Toast

Customizable and convenient for healthy eating on-the-go.


Prepared with fresh, all-natural juice and ingredients geared toward healthy living.

Smoothie Bowls

A tasty, guilt-free snack any time of day.

Cold Pressed-Juices

A refreshingly healthy way to start and end each day.

Fresh Coffee

Hot drip, nitro cold brew and espresso for a morning pick me up.

Our Menu

Stunning, simple, and an unbeatable taste. Join Toastique Franchise Founder Brianna Keefe as she gives an overview of Toastique’s best selling products!

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Why own a toastique healthy breakfast franchise?

Toastique is not another sandwich or juice franchise.

The world — and the restaurant industry — is hungry for more health food businesses. But consumers and entrepreneurs also want something different:

Excellent Financials

In 2023, our Company Owned and Franchise Outlets had Average Gross Sales of $732,728!* With our top franchise location generating $1,077,2434* in Gross Sales after being open for less than a year!

Unique, Elevated Franchise Concept

This isn’t a typical juice and sandwich franchise. Toastique’s breakfast creations are truly unique, gourmet, locally sourced, and fresh.


Hot, In-Demand Healthy Franchise Opportunity​

During the first three years of franchising, we have awarded over 160 new locations!

Lower-Cost Entry To The Restaurant Industry

Because of our simple breakfast restaurant business model and low overhead expenses, we are able to keep our financial investment lower than the typical restaurant concept, $373,775.

Simplicity And Scalability

Our compact, efficient juice bar design uses a very small footprint and an even smaller labor force. Since it’s so easy to open multiple locations, over 60% of the franchise system are multi-unit Franchisees.

A Better Balance​

Toastique breakfast franchise locations close much earlier than most fast-casual restaurants — giving you more control over your schedule and life. ​

*Refer to 2024 Franchise Disclosure Document Item 19- Average Gross Sales combined Table 8

*Refer to 2024 Franchise Disclosure Document Item 19- Gross Sales Table 7

A fast-growing breakfast franchise for a fast-growing health food industry

In the first two years of franchising, Toastique awarded franchisees 66 new healthy franchise locations!

Part of our growth is due to an explosion in the health and wellness industries.

*Source: Gelesis, FMCG Gurus

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Ever wondered why Toastique Franchise is so successful?

Check out our Health Food Franchise Overview Video for a look into our success!

how we support your growth

One of the best aspects of franchising with Toastique is knowing you’ll be receiving direct, hands-on Franchise Owner support from our Founders themselves!

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Classroom Training​

Our two-week program covers all the basics through 18 hours of classroom instruction.​

Onsite Training​

174 hours of on-the-job training at our corporate location in Washington, D.C., as well as onsite at the Franchise Owner’s location!

Ongoing Support

Our corporate team will be on hand to ensure your Grand Opening goes smoothly, then stay in touch via bi-monthly Franchise Owner support phone calls!​

Field Support

Toastique's Chief Operating Officer and Construction Manager Kyle Izett will personally assist with site selection, construction, and inspection/permitting process.

Social Media Marketing

In addition to the franchise marketing support you’ll receive from us, we’ve built an impressive social media following with dedicated fans who tend to do the bulk of the marketing for us!

Local Marketing

In addition to our incredible word-of-mouth, our team will assist with local marketing efforts to get your gourmet toast and juice bar noticed.

*Refer to 2024 Franchise Disclosure Document Item 19- Average Gross Sales combined Table 8

Build a legacy by spreading health and wellness to your community.

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