Here we grow again! We’re thrilled to announce that our healthy food franchise is heading to the Garden State for the first time, thanks to our new Franchise Owner, Courtney Hoy! Courtney’s Stone Harbor, New Jersey location is slated to open in Spring 2021, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome a whole new legion of devoted Toastique fans!

As the sister of our CFO and Director of Construction, Kyle Izett, Courtney has gotten to see the development of the Toastique healthy food franchise from the very beginning, and watched our concept go from a single location in 2018 to multiple successful Washington, D.C.-area stores and nationwide Toastique franchise opportunities just two short years later! She says she’s inspired by “just seeing Kyle and (Toastique Founder) Brianna (Keefe) and their passion and their success and seeing how successful they have been.”

Since the early days of Toastique’s foundation as a healthy food franchise, Courtney has seen its potential and had her sights set on owning a location of her own. She says, “I’ve been talking to (Brianna and Kyle), saying it would be a great model and would eventually want to be part of it.”

Healthy food franchise in New Jersey This past summer, all the pieces fell into place when Courtney, Kyle, and Brianna were at the famed Jersey Shore and happened upon a storefront that appeared to be just the right location for a Toastique healthy food franchise. “It just kind of worked out,” Courtney recalls. “We found the spot and were like, ‘This needs to be a Toastique!’ It was so perfect that I found this wonderful location in a wonderful area- I was like, maybe it’s time for me to pull the plug and do this!”

As plans for her new Toastique location began to materialize, Courtney began the process of transitioning from her previous 20-year career at YMCA to her new role of Toastique Franchise Owner. Since entrepreneurship runs in her family, owning a successful business is something that she’s seen in action her whole life. “My dad owns his own business so having a family business is something I’m familiar with,” she explains, adding, that seeing Kyle and Brianna find monumental success as business owners and Franchisors has inspired her as well. 

However, perhaps the biggest motivation for Courtney to own her own Toastique healthy food franchise came from the promise of freedom and schedule flexibility that will allow her to spend more quality time with her one-year-old boy. “I’m a new mom, and I love the idea of being able to set my own schedule,” she says. “I know it’s going to be the best thing I ever did!” 

As someone who has devoted her career to helping people attain their physical fitness goals, Courtney is happy to be in a new role that promotes wellness through healthy eating. “Coming from the Y, which is all about keeping people healthy in spirit, mind, and body, trying to keep people healthy has always been a part of me,” she shares. “Owning a Toastique is a great opportunity to do this another way.”

Courtney is certain that people in the Stone Harbor area are going to get very excited about the grand opening of her Toastique, especially now that we’re all paying a little more attention to what we put into our bodies. She says, “I have friends in D.C. who are die-hard Toastique fans- they’re like, ‘THIS IS AMAZING!’ Seeing people be excited about the brand is what has drawn me to it.”

healthy food franchise toastiqueThe nutritional benefits of eating at a healthy food franchise like Toastique are currently on-trend as more and more people place value on preserving their personal wellness.  it wasn’t the only factor in Courtney’s decision to invest in a franchise of her own- more important to her, she says, is the delicious taste of the gourmet toasts, smoothies, açaí bowls, and cold-pressed juices on our menu. “Using mostly organic products, fresh fruits and vegetables, cold-pressed juice- just the freshness of the ingredients is what’s going to set Toastique apart from the other smoothie and juice places,” she predicts. 

Additionally, being the only national franchise that specializes in gourmet toast creations is something that Courtney feels definitely sets Toastique apart from other healthy food franchise opportunities out there, and feels that their secret weapon is “definitely adding in the toast so it’s a little more well rounded. You can get a full meal!” Being able to offer more than the standard juice and smoothie options that our competitors have on the menu, she says, helps make Toastique into more of a meal destination than franchises that mainly cater to the post-workout crowd. “It’s just that elevation, taking healthy foods and making it something special, that makes Toastique stand out,” she says.

As Courtney continues to stay on track for her April 2021 grand opening, she feels overwhelmingly positive about her chances for profitability, especially as the light at the end of the COVID tunnel begins to shine brighter. However, she says, the demand for grab-and-go healthy food options like those Toastique has to offer is something that doesn’t look likely to go away anytime soon. Though she plans to open with a main focus on takeout and delivery, Courtney sees amazing potential for her Jersey Shore Toastique location no matter what is going on in the world and has already seen some encouraging evidence to support this. “When we were walking through the property in September, there was still a pretty large number of people that were still out and about on the shore,” she recalls. “Masks aren’t going anywhere soon, but people are going to be out, wanting healthy, grab-and-go food where they can run in and out real quick.”

We’re thrilled to welcome Courtney as a pioneering Franchise Owner, and can’t wait to have her with us as we continue to grow our healthy food franchise brand across the United States!


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