Toastique: The One and Only Toast Franchise 

While breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, brunch has been the star of the restaurant industry for at least a decade. All-day breakfast and brunch spots are in higher demand than ever before and represent the fastest-growing segment in the restaurant industry. It’s not just pancakes, bacon, and eggs that make up this profitable segment, however. As interest in brunch dining has grown, the demand for creative, healthy, and delicious menu items has risen. So, who is making it big in this exciting, lucrative new industry segment? Enter: Toastique.

Toasti-what? Toastique is a toast franchise that brings the nutrition, creativity and deliciousness that consumers are looking for. Our version of toast looks nothing like the ordinary buttered side dish that accompanies your scrambled eggs. There’s nothing bland or ordinary about our sensational selection of loaded, decorative toasts. We’ve found a way to elevate toast to a whole new level.

Toastique toast franchise Founder Brianna Keefe.
Customers enjoying the healthy toast franchise Toastique.

Does Toast Really Sell?

If you’ve never seen a toast franchise, it’s because there aren’t very many of them out there! Toastique is carving out a highly profitable niche within two established industries: the $1 trillion Health Food Industry and the $60+ billion Fast Casual Industry. Toastique satisfies the consumer’s need for quick, grab-and-go meals with a menu that focuses on healthier options in response to the rising demand for nutritionally beneficial food choices. 72% of consumers rank high-quality ingredients as a top factor when choosing where to eat.¹

According to Chicago’s food market researcher, 63% of people are likely to try artisan toast. And statistics show that 55% of diners prefer to order breakfast items over all other menu items.² By taking a new twist on an old favorite, toast now has a premium price tag on it and people are willing to pay for the new dining experience. Gourmet toast serves as the perfect platform on which to design fresh creations. Simple to assemble and incredibly versatile, it’s easy to see why people are drawn to Toastique’s menu.³

What You’ll Find On This Unique Brunch Menu

Toast! And lots of it. Toastique has eight hearty toast options that are perfect for breakfast, brunch or lunch. In addition to toast, customers can choose from a colorful variety of smoothie bowls, freshly blended smoothies and refreshing, cold-pressed juices.

All dishes are made-to-order and feature fresh, natural produce in every color of the rainbow. With a focus on health and wellness, Toastique is a brunch franchise that meets consumer demands for healthy options.


Toastique toast franchise and juicebar storefront.

Our Toasts.
Served up on bamboo cutting boards, customers can wow their taste buds with specialties like the 3 Cheese Italian, the Smoked Salmon or the Tomato Buratta. From multi-grain to sourdough, our toasts are hearty and filling. Customers can satisfy their hunger and quickly fuel up for a busy day in a nutritious way.

Avocado, watermelon radish, blueberries, cherry tomatoes, microgreens and more make for a colorful display of nature’s goodness. Our toasts, with their array of savory toppings, are Instagram-worthy. Easily assembled, with no cooking, baking or frying required, toast is a low-cost offering that measures out big profits to our Franchise Owners.

Smoothie Bowls.
A meal in themselves, these popular bowls contain a smoothie base with whole food toppings arranged in a mouthwatering fashion that almost makes them look too good to eat!

Blended Smoothies.
Thick and creamy, our all-natural smoothies are packed with nutritious goodness with ingredients such as spinach, açai berries, pitaya, ginger, and seeds like chia, flax and hemp.

Fresh-pressed Juices.
Every day, new fruits, vegetables and supplements are freshly squeezed so that customers benefit from maximum nutrition in these energizing, all-natural beverages.

Tostique Founder Brianna Keefe grew up enjoying homemade juice and smoothies and dreamed of owning her own health food café one day. As a college athlete, she depended on wholesome meals to keep her performing at her best. She made a variety of avocado toasts that allowed her to eat well from day to day, even on a tight schedule.

What Americans Want

Americans asked, and the restaurant industry delivered!

Due to an ongoing rise in heart disease, diabetes, and obesity, today’s consumer is looking to reduce their risk of falling victim to these common health conditions. We pay more attention to labels and take note when something is genetically modified or organic. For this reason, the restaurant industry has been shifting to meet the demand for higher quality eating options. These days, eating a nutritious meal on the run has never been easier!

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In a recent study, 83% of those seeking weight loss chose to change their diet as a result. 60% of those respondents cut down on fat, chocolate, and sugar, and opted for fresh, wholesome foods.

Toastique toast franchise number 2 icon.

80% of consumers choose to follow a restricted diet to control medical conditions such as diabetes and high cholesterol.

Toastique toast franchise number 3 icon.

55% of people choose what to eat based on nutrition labels. Consumers are far more concerned about what they’re putting into their bodies than they’ve ever been.

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Since 2000, superfoods such as kale, beets and açai are in high demand and found readily in local restaurants.

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All-natural and organic food sales are on the rise, with a 25% growth rate in recent years.

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More than one-third of U.S. consumers follow a specific diet to improve their health.

Today’s consumer wants to live up to a higher standard of healthy living. By serving up nutrition-dense foods and beverages, we are doing our part to keep Americans going strong. We can cater to the gluten-free patron just as easily as we can the patron on a vegan, keto or paleo diet. Our toast franchise loves to reassure customers that all of our ingredients are responsibly sourced, so they can feel great about what they’re consuming.

A Toast to Your Future: Join Our Brunch Franchise Today

Excited about all the flavors and possibilities Toastique has to offer? We invite you to take a bite out of success by joining our toast franchise. With three locations currently open, we are looking to expand nationwide and have various open territories. Here are some tasty tidbits that show how our toast franchise stands out from the rest:

  • Our first territory made $1 million in sales in its first year.
  • Toastique expanded to three locations in only two years.
  • The annual revenue potential for new Franchise Owners is an average of $1,104,698.
  • COVID-19 has had minimal impact on Toastique—we opened our third location during the pandemic, proving what a viable, resilient business concept this is.
We like to think of toast as a blank canvas on which to support delicious, nutritious eating. Who knows? Toastique may be your chosen canvas for a fulfilling, profitable future.


Toastique breakfast restaurant and toast franchise logo.

As a newcomer to the breakfast industry, Toastique has found immediate success and is looking to expand with the help of passionate, like-minded Franchise Owners. So here’s a ‘toast’ to a bright future with our successful franchise!


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