A New Take On Sandwich Franchises 

Looking for a franchise that offers something new? Well, Toastique may be the franchise for you as it’s a healthy food franchise that is a new take on the sandwich franchise industry. A fresh new take on a beloved favorite, Toastique elevates toast from a classic side dish to a health-focused power meal. So when “Why Toastique?” pops in your head, know that we’ve created a business model that has done what few health food franchises have before it – generated over $1 million in the first year of operation! So let’s explore together what Toastique is bringing to the table and what an opportunity with a sandwich franchise can bring you!

Toastique is a unique sandwich franchise that everybody loves.

Toastique: Changing The Game

When you think of a sandwich franchise, you think of big names that offer huge sandwiches and subs for a stable dollar amount. You may think of huge pieces of meat and the lone vegetable that are piled miles high on questionable slices of bread. Even the idea of a sandwich paints a certain picture in your head. It’s no secret why toast franchises are so successful and widely popular. A sandwich, after all, has a long history with a contested date of origin.

Sandwiches offer people the convenience and variety of eating their favorite food combinations on the go. With a huge pool of breakfast franchises out there, and none of them quite as healthy as you think, Toastique is here to shake things up and give new light to the breakfast franchise industry!

Toastique is a responsible sandwich franchise that is health focused.

Quality That Is Health-Focused

Toastique offers franchise owners the ability and opportunity to provide their local community with healthier and tastier alternatives when it comes to sandwiches. Our menu is jam-packed with items and ingredients that are of top quality and will leave customers feeling better and coming back for more! From our signature Avocado Smash to our truly unique Blue Majik smoothie, everything at Toastique is prepared with all-natural ingredients made fresh in-house or locally sourced. Our customizable gourmet toasts provide guests with a wholesome, convenient meal option that can’t be found at any other fast-casual restaurant. Along with an array of all-natural smoothies, cold-pressed juices and açaí bowls, Toastique’s unique menu of healthy, grab-and-go meals and snacks makes us truly unlike any other health-focused sandwich franchise on earth.

A Truly Unique Experience For Customers

At Toastique, our franchise owners have a unique opportunity to give our guests that chance to love their experience so much that they not only come back again and again but also tell their friends! Our toast franchise builds meals that are completely photo-worthy every time! Customers like foods that look good and Toastique has innovative offerings, like the Black Majik bowl that practically beg guests to post this gorgeous meal on social media. Not only that, but our gourmet toast menu offers something for everyone, elevating us to a true meal destination status and setting us apart from typical juice bar franchises.

Customers love Toastique's sandwich franchise because of the unique experience it provides.

Who Knew Business Could Be So Tasty!

Being a part of the Toastique team means diving into the success and popularity that breakfast franchises everywhere have been experiencing since their humble beginnings. We are a truly unique and excellent franchise to get into and we can bring any and all potential franchise owners so many benefits and opportunities at almost no risk! Franchise owners can help bring Toastique to the front lines of the toast franchise industry with the following in mind:

Toastique is looking for people with a passion for healthy foods to own its sandwich franchise.

A Passion For Healthy Foods

We love people who are passionate about health and wellness. Without this drive, Toastique would be nowhere. We want franchise owners that have a desire to serve as an ambassador of healthy eating for their community.

Toastique is looking for franchisees with a can-do attitude.

A Can-Do Attitude

With a strong work ethic, drive and determination, you’ll be a success in business and a great asset to Toastique! 

If you have a friendly face, Toastique wants you to own one of its successful sandwich franchises.

A Friendly Face

Our franchise is built upon a foundation of an outgoing and friendly demeanor. Business becomes more than about money and inventory when you have outstanding communication skills and a commitment to excellent customer service.

Having the necessary experience is a key to success with owning a Toastique sandwich franchise.

The Necessary Experience

Ideally, Toastique franchise owners have a strong business management background with experience in the fast-paced hospitality or food-service industry.

Toastique is looking for individuals with a fearless pioneer spirit to own its sandwich franchises.

A Fearless Pioneer Spirit

We want someone who is excited to be a trailblazer as one of the first official Toastique franchise owners in the country!

If we just described you, we want to get to know you better! Taking a leap of faith to get into the lucrative healthy breakfast franchise industry can be the best decision you’ve ever made, so please take a moment to complete a brief, 5-minute questionnaire to determine your eligibility for franchising with us so you can get access to even more information about our franchise, including exclusive financial performance data that’s not available to the general public.

Get In On The Gourmet Sandwich Franchise Action Today!

You’ve seen plenty of big-name sandwich franchises in your time so you know that a new take on the sandwich industry can be incredibly lucrative. Why keep the sandwich world looking and tasting the same? With Toastique you’ll be able to:

Promote Healthy Living
By bringing Toastique’s all-natural gourmet toasts, juices, smoothies, and more to your community, you can capitalize on consumer demand for quick, healthy meals!

Keep Overhead Low
Our compact, efficient design and minimal equipment requirements allow for quick, affordable construction.

Maintain Multiple Revenue Streams
Dine-in, takeout, delivery and catering options give you the potential to earn money in a number of ways.

Don’t wait any longer! Contact us today to get in on the action and bring gourmet toast to your local community!


Toastique breakfast restaurant and toast franchise logo.

As a newcomer to the breakfast industry, Toastique has found immediate success and is looking to expand with the help of passionate, like-minded Franchise Owners. So here’s a ‘toast’ to a bright future with our successful franchise!


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