We Had Ourselves a Year!

Wow! What a year it was. Toastique added ten new breakfast and juice bar franchise owners, many with multiple units under their umbrella, in nine new territories, in nine states. We also opened a full-service corporate headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Oh, and Toastique also racked up a few prestigious awards like our founder, Brianna Keefe, making the Forbes 30 under 30 list, being named the Woman of Wonder by Franchise dictionary Magazine, and the brand itself being called by FranServe to the Fran-tastic 500.

See you in the future!

We’d Like to Introduce You to Toastique’s Newest Breakfast Franchise Owners!

Toastique has been one of Raintree’s most successful and fastest-growing franchise brands under the Raintree umbrella—and 2022 was no different. The gourmet toast and fresh juice juggernaut opened up new franchise locations in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Highlands Ranch, Colorado, Stone Harbor, New Jersey; and Riverton, Utah, among others. With those new locations come new franchise owners, and we couldn’t be more excited to help them along this unique career journey.

Before we close out the New Year and make untold resolutions for 2023, we’d like to introduce you to some of the newest members of the Toastique family. From the Central Valley of California to the Atlantic Coast of Florida and some spots in between, these Toastique Franchise Owners are sharing their tasty and healthy breakfast creations across the country.

Hello, Roger and Tammie Miller—Bakersfield, California

We’re thrilled to have Roger, and Tammie Miller join the Toastique franchise family! The Millers, an all-American family from Bakersfield, California, couldn’t be more ready to offer their beloved community a host of healthy brunch, smoothies, cold-pressed juices, and more options. Not only does their active, health-conscious way of life make them perfect owners, but they are also ideal customers. They love nothing more than sitting down for a delicious brunch of unique toast combinations and freshly pressed juice. When the couple isn’t growing their new business, Roger and Tammie enjoy spending time outdoors with their two daughters and four-legged friend.

It Was Always About Health for the Millers

Prior to becoming owner/operator of Bakersfield’s hottest new brunch spot, the Millers were in more traditional careers. For the last 20 years, Tammie has worked in the preoperative care unit of one of the biggest hospitals in the area. Roger worked his way through school bartending and ended up finishing his higher education career with four degrees: An associate in Arts degree in Sociology, a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and a Master’s in Healthcare Management. He is currently the Clinical Director of Acute Care Services at a local Level II trauma center.

What Led Them to Toastique Gourmet Toast & Juice Bar

Tammie and Roger researched franchising opportunities but found nothing they felt suited them properly. “Many franchises we looked at seemed cheap and most likely are cheap,” Roger sums up. “Toastique screams quality in everything it does,” he adds.

Toastique’s emphasis on healthy living and creating food made with whole, healthy ingredients convinced the family that they were making the right decision. “Everything about it is so beautiful, from the logo to the decor and, most importantly, the food. You just know people will love it,” the new Franchise Owner says confidently.


The new Franchise Owners also appreciate how the Toastique support team has been there to explain everything about the brand, product, and operations. Roger understands that they’re still early in the process of rolling out the new location. Still, he profoundly appreciates how Brianna, Kyle, and the company are ready to answer their queries. “Their availability thus far has been great,” he says.

The Sky’s the Limit

Roger and Tammie are confident that their Toastique breakfast and juice bar franchise will succeed. It has the right ingredients, from the product to the people behind it. But what will truly make it happen for the Millers is the hard work they’re willing to put in. And we couldn’t be more confident and happy for them.

Good luck to the Millers!

Let’s TOAST to Luke and Laura Anderson!

For most companies, it takes quite a few years to get off the ground and make a name for themselves, let alone turn a substantial profit. However, Toastique gourmet toast and juice bar isn’t like most companies. Founded in 2018 by hospitality veteran Brianna Keefe, this gourmet toast bar franchise was successful from day one.

Fast forward a few years, and the geniuses behind the Toastique franchise brand have spread its wings nearly coast-to-coast by beginning to franchise in 2020. Even in a year when opening a food service business seemed a little crazy, this healthy food and fresh juice cafe refused to slow down.

Because of that growth and refusal to slow down—plus a love of healthy brunch—Luke and Laura Anderson of Sarasota, Florida decided to make a move and invest their time and money in a Toastique health food franchise.

Who Are the Andersons?

The Andersons moved to Sarasota in 2003 but have called Lakewood Ranch home since 2009. Laura, originally from Central California, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Eastern Kentucky University. She was also a collegiate D1 softball player while there. Laura returned to school at State College of Florida  to earn her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN) and was a Labor and Delivery Nurse for five years at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. Looking for an opportunity to spend more time with their son, she transitioned to Lakewood Ranch High School, where she has served as both a nurse and a faculty member. 

Luke is originally from Bradenton, Florida, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Eastern Kentucky University while also playing for the school’s Division 1 football team. He is the former owner, operator, and partner of Audio Video Partners (AVP), LLC., a low-voltage and audio-video integration firm specializing in commercial projects. Before AVP, Luke was a partner in Synergy Multimedia and later sold that business to Tempus Electronic Lifestyles. At Tempus, he served as the head of operations and project management. He recently sold his ownership in AVP to his partner to pursue new passions and business endeavors.

From 9-to-5ers to Entrepreneurs

Luke and Laura were contemplating going into the franchise business for some time, but never found anything that met their standards, values, and interest until they found Toastique Gourmet Toast & Juice Bar. “Having run multiple businesses and after researching the world of franchise businesses, I was truly impressed from the moment I received the first piece of literature about Toastique. I was all in,” says Luke about the couple’s Franchise Discovery Process. 

Laura added her two cents with, “Being the cook in the house, fueling my active family with healthy food has always been a priority. Finding a brand that I could feel good about and help bring that concept to others greatly influenced my desire to partner with Toastique.”

They love the area for its “year-round active lifestyle,” as they put it. Considering their interests and those of the market they will operate in, Luke says they are excited to bring this new healthy and active lifestyle franchise brand to the area.

A Confident Investment

You must be confident when making a financial investment of this size, and the Andersons were nothing short of that after meeting with the Toastique executive leadership team. When talking about Founder Brianna Keefe and CFO Kyle Izett, the couple had one word to describe them: genuine. Their admiration for Brianna and Kyle grew as they realized that the Founders lived the Toastique franchise brand values. “Their dedication really struck us,” Laura says.

Approval Day came, which meant an opportunity for Luke and Laura to travel to Toastique’s Washington, D.C. franchise headquarters and experience the business’s operations first-hand, as well as sit down for a face-to-face with Brianna and Kyle. That meeting only reinforced their confidence in becoming Toastique Franchise Owners.

Luke adds, “Owning a business is not easy. Make sure you have a solid plan in place before making this commitment. Your success will not be determined solely by you or your efforts but by your ability to surround yourself with people that make you better.”

Michelle Wardius – King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

There’s gourmet toast that your local coffee shop downstreet serves, and then THERE’S Toastique’s excellent menu of gourmet toasts. This breakfast franchise brand is redefining what healthy brunch looks and tastes with options using fresh ingredients like watermelon relish, prosciutto, fontina cheese, sundried tomato tuna, and many more.

Because of its fabulous menus spread across many franchise locations and the incredible success of the companies since its founding, Toastique is a successful unicorn in the world of restaurant franchising.


A New Queen of Toast Comes to King of Prussia, PA


As a wellness-oriented person, Michelle puts staying healthy at the top of her list of priorities. She enjoys activities that get her moving, like sports and fitness, and is always up for a hike or bike ride with friends and family.

Before joining in the Toastique Gourmet Toast and Juice Bar Franchise Ownership craze, Michelle’s post-college professional background was in the fashion and merchandising business. But like many of us, she didn’t end up doing what she went to school for and instead chose to take up the challenge of managing her husband’s dental offices for 20 years. She also got involved in real estate, selling it for eight years.

Her extensive career experience and self-driven attitude led her to look for new business opportunities. She also wanted something that would give her a chance to be her own boss, have more control over her time, and have a dependable paycheck – which was a big deal for her due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Michelle also wanted an option that would reflect her passions for wellness and fitness and incorporate her family and community.

Enter Toastique: The healthy and boutique restaurant brand that emphasized the importance of healthy, on-the-go, and gourmet meal options.

A Perfect Pairing

At first glance, it seemed to tick off all of the boxes – a welcoming, positive culture with several potential opportunities and ways to get started. Its style also appealed to her, considering that her daughter already made much of the same food at home.

However, she still felt the need to do due diligence on the healthy food franchise brand. And everything seemed to check out, but to be sure, she reached out to the team at Raintree for more information before becoming their newest franchisee.

​​One of the things that stood out to her the most upon walking through the door was Toastique’s approach to making its food – she was amazed to see no industrial kitchen in sight. Instead, there was a focus on healthy, made-to-order meals with an emphasis on organic and locally sourced ingredients.

Fast-forward to Michelle’s Discovery Day where she got to meet with founders Bree and Kyle and the three of them clicked immediately. Everything lined up from values and priorities to feeling comfortable around the entire executive leadership team.

The Rest is History

Michele’s hard work and business-savvy mind have been instrumental in making her Toastique breakfast franchise journey successful. She’s currently in the process of opening three new restaurant locations in King of Prussia, and we can’t wait to see her make waves in the world of healthy eating!

We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Michelle and her team!

If you’re like Michele or any of our other new Franchisees and are looking for a franchise opportunity that is supportive, values-based, and has a strong focus on healthy living. In that case, Toastique Gourmet Toast and Juice Bar Franchise may be the perfect fit for you. Visit our website to learn more about the brand and what it takes to become a franchisee.