This Finance Industry Guru Is Switching Her Career For Toastique Ownership


The concept of Texas Toast is about to get a makeover thanks to the drive and ambition of one local entrepreneur.

Penny Mrva is a highly driven Dallas mom who loves to spend her weekends reading, shopping and spending time with family, among other things. Up until now, she’s worked exclusively in the financial sector, most recently specializing in real estate. But in a few weeks, she’ll be swapping that role for the title of “Toastique franchise owner” when she opens the doors to her new healthy breakfast business.



After years of contribution to the field, Penny felt that it was time for a change. Sure, the corporate world had been great to her, offering many opportunities for learning and advancement throughout her career. But what was missing, according to Penny, was a personal connection to what she was investing her time in.

She wanted to dedicate her talents to something greater than a conventional job, an effort she could be passionate about, one she could share with her family. And that’s what led Penny to franchising.

According to her, entrepreneurship has always been a topic of interest. Having developed much of her career in the world of business, it only made sense to venture into the challenging yet rewarding endeavor of owning her very own. The challenge? Finding a franchise brand that she could both get behind and see growing in the future.

“I had been searching for franchise websites and had never found one that caught my interest or felt like something that I could be really passionate about,” she says.

Everything was simply too ‘cookie-cutter’. The franchises she toured all seemed to offer the same thing, take the same approach, and have no character. Penny was also discouraged to see the way these restaurants operated behind the scenes – sugar-intensive items being pumped out without concern for customers’ health or well-being. She knew she wanted something different. So she found Toastique Gourmet Toast & Juice Bar.

“I fell in love with the story,” Penny recounts. “My daughter Mackensie is a nutrition major and taught me a lot about nutrition and healthy eating. My younger daughter Lauryn loves to cook and we would always make meals and send pictures to each other. When I saw the different toasts that Toastique offered it felt personal”.

The more Penny researched into Toastique, the more she fell in love with it. “I knew right away this was what I wanted. I wanted to be a part of this brand, part of the journey and have something that would last. Most importantly, I wanted something I could be 100% involved in, not just open and let it run itself”.

She inquired with the franchising team to learn more, and it wasn’t long before Penny was connected with founders Brianna and Kyle to go on an inaugural Approval Day. During this excursion, Penny was taken to visit each Toastique cafe – starting with the franchise’s very first – and learn about their individual stories. She was afforded a behind-the-scenes look at the way Toastique operates and given the chance to try delicious samples

I liked how they took me to each cafe, starting with the first one and how they progressed. They provided the story of each, the good and bad of what they learned along the way. Also, trying samples from each was the best part.

According to Penny, much of Toastique’s appeal to her was rooted in the approach ingrained into its franchise business model. She noted that every franchise location was like a family and truly contributed to the communities in which they operated.

“I love that Toastique is community focused,” she says. “I’m very passionate about community and giving back. Using locally sourced products is a great selling point. I have made volunteering part of my life. I think giving back is so important and has made that part of mine and my family’s life”.

She also loved the hands-on opportunities Toastique gave its owners. “I wanted something I could be 100% involved in, not just open and let it run itself,” she says.

For Penny, the key to a happy and successful life is balance – something she feels Toastique will provide for her and her family. The franchise’s market position and overall philosophy is very promising to her, and she sees working with Toastique now as an opportunity to get in on something great from the ground up.

After deciding to go all-in with Toastique, Penny began working with the franchising team on site selection. She is currently in the process of signing a lease for her very own Toastique location in Dallas, Texas, and looks forward to opening her first restaurant in the coming months. It’s been an adventure intense with consideration and learning, one Penny says she’s glad to have embarked on.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the brand grow. I want to see our customers’ faces when they see the presentation of the food they are offered. I want to see our customers become regular, get to know them, and their stories”.

When asked for her advice to other prospective franchise owners, Penny emphasizes that although she’s early on in her journey, she knows success in the process will come down to one thing – patience.

“I’m just getting started so I have much more to learn, much more that I will face but I have had to learn to be patient along the way. Things will come together as they should”.

Interested in swapping your nine-to-five out for the thrill of entrepreneurship? Contact Toastique today to learn about franchising business opportunities in your area! We can’t wait to help you get started on your very own journey to Toastique ownership.