Meet new Toastique Franchise Owners Roger and Tammie Miller!

Healthy Franchise Owners Roger and Tammie Miller

Get ready, Bakersfield, California! One of the nation’s fastest-growing healthy cafe franchises is soon coming to town! Our newest Franchise Owners, Roger and Tammie Miller, a couple devoted to healthcare, are getting ready to introduce our healthy brunch offerings, smoothies, cold-pressed juices, and more to their community later this year.

Our new Franchise Owners are also the ideal Toastique customers. They believe in active, healthy lifestyles. There’s never a dull moment in the Miller household. “There’s always something happening around here,” according to Tammie. She enjoys projects around the house while the family loves hiking, camping, working out, and spending time with their friends.

Prioritizing health

The Millers have been Bakersfield residents for all their lives and know the region inside out. Like their parents, Tammie and Roger’s two daughters Kylee and Tevynn are excited about Toastique because it fits in well with the family’s priorities. Tammie has worked in the preoperative care unit of a famous hospital in the region for over two decades. As for Roger, well, it’s been about healthcare, management, and mostly, perseverance.

While working as a bartender when he was in school, Roger ended up with four – yes, four – degrees. He got an AA in Sociology, BA in Public Administration, BS in Nursing, and a Master’s in Healthcare Management. Starting in emergency services and moving onto management, he is currently Clinical Director of Acute Care Services at a local Level II trauma center.

“We felt a connection”

From their professional and personal experiences, the Millers know the importance of eating healthy food. While they are fully aware of the need to follow a healthy diet, they also know that it’s not that easy. They realize that poor eating decisions are mostly based on convenience. After a long day at work, it’s difficult for most families to go to the grocery store, pick up healthy ingredients, and come home and cook. 

“These are struggles we face and we know we are not alone,” Tammie says. When they first saw Toastique, they knew that it was different. “It is hard to explain but we felt a connection,” Roger adds. His reasons are not difficult to understand. To begin with, Toastique serves healthy food. But the Millers were also in awe of the brand aesthetics.

“Everything is so beautiful”

The Millers had done their research on franchising opportunities and weren’t impressed with what they had seen. “Many franchises we looked at seemed cheap and most likely are cheap,” Roger sums up. But this time around, things were different. “Toastique screams quality in everything it does,” he adds. 

Toastique’s emphasis on healthy living and creating food made with whole, healthy ingredients convinced Roger and Tammie that they were making the right decision. “Everything about it is so beautiful, from the logo to the decor and most importantly, the food. You just know people are going to love it,” the new Franchise Owner says confidently.

The couple got to try our wide range of healthy,  yummy menu offerings during their Approval Day at Toastique headquarters in Washington, D.C.  Things couldn’t have gone better. Roger and Tammie loved what they had. “The food and juices are as good as they look. They are wonderful!” Tammie says.

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The right people to invest in

Roger and Tammie know that the product is only part of the puzzle. When it’s a substantial sum of money, the Millers know that the individuals they are investing in should also be credible, transparent, and inspiring. And in Toastique Founder Brianna Keefe and COO Kyle Izett, along with the rest of the Executive Team, that’s precisely what they found. 

Tammie found Kyle and Brianna to be very personable. A hallmark of every successful entrepreneur is the belief they have in their product.“The pride they have for Toastique exudes from them,” Tammie says about the founding duo. 

As for Roger, the former bartender who went on to get four degrees can spot determination when he sees it. “Kyle and Brianna are driven to succeed and I liked that,” he says. 

The new Franchise Owners also appreciate how the Toastique support team has been there to explain everything about the brand, product, and operations. Roger understands that they’re still early in the process of rolling out the new location but he deeply appreciates how Brianna, Kyle, and company are ready to answer their queries. “Their availability thus far has been great,” he says.

Entrepreneurship is the way

Roger and Tammie are confident that Toastique will succeed. It has the right ingredients, from the product to the people behind it. But what will truly make it happen for the Millers is the hard work they’re willing to put in. 

Being great believers in entrepreneurship, Roger and Tammie are delighted that now they have a chance to work for themselves. “The only way to true success in our country is through working for yourself. I want that and I want to teach my girls that,” Roger says.   

For now, Roger and Tammie can’t wait to introduce Toastique to Bakersfield and see their customers’ reactions. “We’re waiting to see our community embrace it,” adds Tammie. 

Click here if you too want to join Roger and Tammie and start your entrepreneurial journey with the nation’s hottest new healthy café franchise.


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