Should I Open My Own Restaurant or

Invest in a Brunch Franchise?

‘The last year has been exceptionally challenging for the restaurant industry. But the smartest of entrepreneurs also know that the pandemic didn’t hit all restaurants the same way. For aspiring business owners, the coming months may be just the right time to consider opening a restaurant that gets people excited and offers healthy, on-the-go options…a place like the Toastique brunch franchise!

If you are thinking about getting into the restaurant industry, you might wonder why you should take the brunch franchise route at all. Why shouldn’t you open your own restaurant instead of riding on someone else’s brand identity? 

After all, isn’t an entrepreneur supposed to start from scratch? Wouldn’t that be more satisfying?

The answer to the second question is that, no, it won’t be satisfying in the current scenario. As far as the first question is concerned, that in itself is the problem. 

Unfortunately, most people who get into the restaurant industry enter with unrealistic expectations. It helps to have an objective assessment of the problems an entrepreneur will run into. To make it easy for you, here are four problems that anyone launching an independent restaurant or standalone brunch spot will face. 



4 problems independent restaurant entrepreneurs should know about


Real Estate

The first challenge will be finding the right real estate. As an independent restaurant entrepreneur, you should know that food is only one of the several factors based on which your patrons will judge you. Your business needs to be in the right place too.

For a traditional dining establishment, the place also needs to be large enough to accommodate patrons while making room for those who wait. Of course, that’s only the beginning. Then you’ve to invest in the interiors to create the right ambiance. 

None of this guarantees that you’ll succeed. It only ensures that you meet the basic criteria. 

Toastique brunch franchise Founder Brianna Keefe

The restaurant industry isn’t all about creating new dishes and naming cocktails. The real work is in getting the necessary permits from the local authorities and ensuring that all your procedures follow the government codes.

It’s a real grind. It’s especially demanding when you’re not aware of the legalities involved. 

Industry veterans know the hard work behind getting all the required permits. They know how long inspections can take. For someone getting into the industry as an independent entrepreneur, it can get too challenging, too soon.


This is the big one, and unfortunately, the most-overlooked issue for new restaurant entrepreneurs. A restaurant is like any other business or brand that needs marketing to drive in customers. And it’ll take a lot of time, money, and effort.

When you’re launching a new brand, you’re trying to claim space among the established. For that, you need to be unique, memorable and offer a compelling proposition. Even if you’ve done all the necessary market research, things may not go according to plan.

You may be launching in an area that may not like your particular brand of cuisine. Or, may not be able to afford it. To make matters worse, soon after you launch, there could be copycats with similar offerings.

So, you’ll have to hire a full-time marketing agency. That means additional expenditure on their retainer fee and other marketing expenses. 



If you’re launching a standalone brunch spot, you won’t be able to consistently command the prices you need. Since it’ll take time for it to be a brand, you won’t be able to justify your high prices. 

You may be forced to offer steep discounts, come up with special offers to attract customers. Once they get used to your low prices – either on a particular product or for a bundled offering – it will be difficult to raise them again. 

All these will hurt your operational efficiency.

But what if there was a different way to fulfill your dream of bringing healthy, delicious breakfast and brunch choices to the people of your community? If you’d rather skip the headaches associated with opening an independent restaurant. it’s time to look into investing in a brunch franchise like Toastique!

Why you should invest in a brunch franchise with Toastique

Now that you know the problems associated with a standalone restaurant or an independent brunch spot, it’s time to think of becoming a brunch franchise with the most exciting new brunch brand in America right now. Here are seven excellent reasons for you to become a Franchise Owner with Toastique.

7 reasons to be a Franchise Owner with Toastique

Unique offerings

Toastique elevates toast from a classic side dish to a health-focused power meal. Our customizable gourmet toasts provide patrons with a wholesome, convenient meal option that can’t be found at any other fast-casual restaurant or independent brunch spot. 

For the health-conscious 

Consumers are ditching sugar-filled or carb-rich diets for healthier options. Along with our all-natural smoothies, cold-pressed juices, and açaí bowls, our healthy, grab-and-go meals and snacks have made us the preferred brunch brand for the health-conscious.

unique brunch franchise offerings
Ideal for the “new normal”

Toastique successfully survived and even thrived during the pandemic thanks to our “grab-and-go” menu offerings and our model of takeout and delivery. All our locations were operational and profitable throughout the past year- in fact, we even opened a new Toastique location in summer 2020!

Low build-out cost

Toastique’s launch model is franchise-friendly and highly efficient. Our build-out costs are among the lowest in the industry. As more commercial real estate becomes available, they can only get lower. 

Fast growth

How much did our first location make in its first year of operations? Over a million dollars!* Not only that, but we managed to hit those profits without any professional marketing or advertising support. Why? Because healthy toasts is a category where Toastique has no national competition. 

Low overhead
We have a lean, and efficient model that’s focused on fast and organic customer acquisition with low costs. This is what enabled us to finish our first two locations in 40 days.

Multiple revenue streams

As a Franchise Owner, you can create revenue from delivery, takeout, or dine-in as the times change. You can also earn from catering opportunities in your vicinity.

Toastique brunch franchise storefront

There you have it, more than enough reasons to be a Toastique Franchise Owner!  Before someone else claims your brunch franchise location, click here and learn how you can make it yours.

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